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   Chapter 644 A New Assistant (Part One)

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"Hmm," Edith mumbled. Cloris had already taken her leave, but luckily for her, Cassandra was staying at home together with her. Because of that, she got the idea of preparing healthy meals for Cassandra. That way, she could do something for her daughter and have a way to kill time as well.

Cassandra kept on trying to comfort her mother. And she didn't rest until she was sure that her mother wasn't showing any signs of being in low spirits anymore.

After allowing Victor to take time off, Rufus became even busier than he usually was. The Human Resources Department had started looking for a new assistant for him, but they had trouble finding a well-qualified applicant right away.

Edith did what she could to take good care of Cassandra. For that reason, Cassandra became even more rosy-cheeked compared to before.

"Let me handle the wave of recruitment for today," Victor insisted. After taking some much-needed rest, he had almost gone back to full health. After hearing that Rufus had to go with Cassandra to the hospital to have a routine pregnancy check-up, he immediately came back to the company.

Holding Victor's capabilities in high esteem, Rufus couldn't say no and had to accept his request.

"Cassandra, try to relax," Rufus softly said, holding the little woman's hand in his.

Cassandra simply nodded as a response and tried to get a hold of herself. As an expectant mother who had experienced losing a fetus once before, she felt anxious about going through such pregnancy check-ups. Truth be told, she still had a vivid recollection of how things went back then—waking up in the hospital and finding out that she had lost the baby she was carrying.

Every single time the memory of that scene popped up in her mind, she would feel so downhearted.

Resting her hands on her belly, she proceeded to rub it gently. 'The life living inside me must be asleep, ' she pondered.

At first, Edith had also contemplated about tagging along with Cassandra to the hospital. But after realizing that Cassandra would probably be so tired after going through a round of check-ups, she thought that it would be better to just stay at home and cook some delicious food for her daughter. That way, she would have something to eat

ity, given the condition that she was currently in.

It was such a bitter pill to swallow, but Cassandra was forced to accept it in the end.

She knew what it was like after experiencing losing a baby once, so she wanted to avoid that from happening at all costs and keep the baby safe and sound.

Later that night, as she was holding her cellphone in her hand, Cassandra came to the sudden realization that it had already been days since she last talked to Greyson. She couldn't really tell why, but she instantly became ill at ease.

Greyson had always been telling her how much he was missing her, so she found it weird that he hadn't been calling for a long time.

With all of these thoughts running in circles in her mind, Cassandra decided to dial his number. To her astonishment, a mechanical voice prompt informed her that the line was busy at the moment.

When Rufus came in and took a seat right beside her, Cassandra tried to call Greyson's number again using Rufus's cellphone. And this time, it said that the boy's cellphone was currently turned off.

"Rufus, I'm worried sick about Greyson. I'm afraid that something bad might have happened to him," Cassandra anxiously told him, seemingly so on edge.

Appearing to be so deep in thought as he rubbed his forehead, Rufus said, "Please calm down. Let's try contacting Hertha instead."

They then went ahead and tried to call Hertha, but she couldn't be reached either. This caused Cassandra to become even more worked up.

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