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   Chapter 643 Cloris's Departure

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That night, Rufus held Cassandra by her waist. Unlike what he used to do, however, he no longer tried to take it further.

Giggling in his arms, Cassandra remarked, "You seem to have been able to control yourself better in these past few days. What changed?"

She had a hunch on why this was so, of course. 'Perhaps it's because he feels like it's bad for the baby. Besides, it has only been two months since I got pregnant. Vigorous activity might cause a miscarriage, ' she thought.

Still, it surprised her that Rufus had managed to contain his desire.

Hugging her tight, Rufus said reluctantly, "I'm willing to sacrifice for the baby."

Cassandra couldn't help but laugh. "Now, do you still want to have a baby? I clearly remember you being excited about having one," she teased.

"I regret having a baby already," Rufus grumbled. "It's torturing me right now! If that child grows up to be stubborn, I will be sure to teach him or her a lesson!"

His response did not please Cassandra. "This is my baby you're talking about. How can you speak so harshly about him?"

Annoyed, Rufus bit Cassandra gently on the shoulder. "The baby hasn't even arrived yet and you're already being overprotective. Will you still even care for me after it's born?"

Rufus might be worrying too much. But, he was not getting an answer at the moment for sure. However, this was their child.

At this time in the pregnancy, Cassandra started to feel conscious about gaining weight despite Rufus's assurances that she still looked slim.

"Cloris, did I get fatter?" Cassandra asked her sister who was sitting on the couch.

Cloris, however, seemed too preoccupied with her own concerns. It was as if Cassandra's voice did not even reach her.

Eventually, Cassandra closed in and nudged her. "Hey. What's bothering you?"

Snapping back to reality, Cloris replied, "Huh? Nothing."

Worried, Cassandra asked, "What happened? Tell me!"

Cloris hesitated for a moment. "Well, I am going back to study abroad soon but a part of me doesn't want to leave," she admitted.

Cassandra smiled knowingly. "Is it because of Malloy?"

The girl immediately shook her head. It almost felt as if she were hiding something.

"No! Not because of that idiot," she said.

"Then why?" Cassandra prompted again, smiling.

Pursing her lips, Cloris answered, "I don't want to leave Mom."

'I bet this is not the real reason. She's not that attached to Mom. I don't think she'll miss her that much, ' Cassandra thought.

Nevertheless, she decided not to call her sister out. After all, this was something Cloris needed to figure out herself. It was not her place to meddle in their relationship.

"When does school start?" Cassandra asked, moving the topic forward.

Eyes turning dim, Cloris replied, "In three days."

'Wow, that's a tight schedule. I wonder what she'll decide, ' Cassandra thought.

Edith did not advise Cloris on the matter as well. In her opinion, she was quite certain that Cloris should not miss the opportunity to study abroad.

Plus, Malloy

e we are."

Rufus replied as well, "I will drive you to the airport."

Cloris winked at him and thanked him.

After dinner, Cassandra entered Cloris's room.

"Cloris, are you really leaving?"

Still packing her luggage, Cloris smiled. "Of course. I already bought a ticket."

Lips pursed, Cassandra hesitated, uncertain if she should ask her about Malloy or not.

To her surprise, it was Cloris who initiated the topic.

"Cassandra, I think Malloy and I live in two different worlds. We can't be together. I think it's good that we get separated," she said. Forcing a bitter smile, Cloris added, "I believe he'll find someone more suited to him than me."

Then, she changed the topic. Cassandra, on the other hand, only heaved a sigh in her heart, feeling sorry for that boy.

It was Cloris's choice, after all. She just had to respect whatever decision her little sister made.

The next day at the airport, Cassandra noticed something odd about Cloris. She seemed to be anticipating something⁠—or someone, actually.

'She must be waiting for Malloy, ' Cassandra thought.

Up to the last minute, the person that Cloris had waited for didn't show up.

Cassandra, too, secretly looked around for the sight of Malloy, but to no avail.

When it was time to go, Cloris smiled bitterly and proceeded to customs.

Cassandra could not help herself from commenting on the matter on the way back, "I thought Malloy loved Cloris. Why didn't he try to save their relationship? I thought he would have come today."

Rufus sighed and answered, "Cloris made it very clear yesterday. She rejected him. It's not surprising that he did not show up today.

Life is not a movie. You can't expect those kinds of things." Edith sat quietly in the back seat.

Sending her daughter off made her feel very sad and in no mood to talk.

"Don't be sad, Mom. Cloris will be back when she finishes her studies. She'll be home before you know it. In the meantime, I'll be with you every day," Cassandra said softly, consoling her mother.

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