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   Chapter 642 She Is So Cute

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Malloy reluctantly left the Qin family's house since it was getting late.

Rufus drove back alone to collect their things, while Cassandra stayed with Edith and Cloris.

"Be honest with me, Cloris, what's going on between you and Malloy?" Edith asked. All the three women sat together on the couch.

Cloris bit her lower lip, unwilling to talk about this. But aware that her mother and sister wouldn't let her go unless she answered the question, she knew there was no other choice for her, but to open up.

"I do volunteer work in the nearby charity house on weekends. One day I met him there. It wasn't a pleasant meeting, so I don't like him. But he keeps bugging me, and I can't do anything about it," Cloris replied curtly.

"What happened when you first met?" Cassandra asked, following keenly. 'If I was right, something must have happened during their first meeting. And that's why Cloris doesn't like Malloy, ' she thought.

Cloris gritted her teeth, reluctant to answer the question.

With arched eyebrows, Edith followed, interested to know what exactly was the problem. Noting the distressed look on her sister's face, Cassandra said to her mother, "Come on, Mom, if Cloris doesn't feel comfortable talking about it, just let her be. There's no need to press her."

Cloris pursed her lips and said flatly, "Mom, I don't feel well. I'll go get some rest. Good night!"

She then rose from her seat and headed to her room. But Edith wasn't done yet. She got up too, intending to follow Cloris and find out the relationship between her and that young man.

Careful about her younger sister's feelings, Cassandra stopped her mother, grabbing her hand tightly, and persuaded, "Mom, you don't have to persist with this. Cloris isn't a kid anymore. She knows how to handle things on her own. I have faith in her. I know she won't repeat her mistakes."

After thinking for a while, Edith took the advice and gave up on interrogating Cloris. Holding Cassandra by the hand, she resumed her seat.

"How do you feel, sweetie? Is the pregnancy giving you a hard time? I know it can be challenging, especially in the early days," Edith inquired.

"Nothing major, Mom. Just that sometimes, I eat a lot, and I get hungry quickly; other times I completely have no appetite," Cassandra replied.

"Those are normal changes that come with pregnancy. I will try and vary your diet as much as possible. That will greatly help, especially on the days when your appetite is low," Edith said, her mind at ease now. Reflecting on her own experience, with all the challenges of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth, she added thoughtfully, "Motherhood is not an easy thing. So you must take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. It is safer that way."

Smiling sweetly, Cassandra nestled in her mother's arms and reassured, "I know. And I'll try and go by your advice."

Rufus came back with the luggage he had gone to pick up. As he gave it to Cassandra, he said, "I have to go to the office to attend to some stuff. I'll be back soon. Stay around and wait for me."

Cassandra nodded in agreement and replied, "Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. Just go attend to your work."

With an enchanting smile, he said, "I'll miss you if I can't see your face for a while. I'll try my best to the finish the work quickl

up the corners of his lips.

'She is so cute, and she must be really excited now, ' he said to himself.

After a while, Rufus left the ward. Normally, visitors would always say something to comfort patients, but he was not good with words and often felt a little off-key in such situations.

After she walked Rufus to the door, Stella came back and sat by the bedside. Looking at Victor's scowling face, she asked, "Are you hesitating about leaving Rufus's company?"

Victor replied frankly, "My boss is nice to me and he has helped me a lot. So I am not sure what to do."

Looking Stella back in the eye, he went on, "Besides, Cassandra is pregnant, so he needs more time with her at home. This way, he might not be able to manage all the work in the company. That's what bothers me."

Rolling her eyes, she advised, "When the HR interviews candidates, you can be there to help in finding a competent assistant who will fit into your roles. That way, you'll ease the pressure both from you and your boss."

'He is sick and lying in bed, but he still worries about Rufus and his company, ' she thought, kind of upset.

"Even without you, he can still run his company well. But what if something happens to you when you continue pushing yourself so hard? Have you ever thought about me?"

Stella's remark caught him by surprise. The sight of her tearful eyes made him heartbroken. Holding her hand, he apologized, "I'm sorry, Stella. It's all my fault. Don't be upset. I will do whatever you ask of me."

Acting tough, Stella snorted, "Don't flatter yourself. I am not worrying about you at all. You should be responsible for yourself. If you don't take good care of yourself, you'll be the one to suffer in the end."

Victor knew that Stella was only challenging him to think more clearly, and he loved the way she looked with that tough face she was putting on.

"Now that I have got nothing to do. How about we talk about issues regarding our wedding and honeymoon?" he proposed, out of the blue.

"Well, I'm not in the mood. We can talk about this after you leave the hospital," Stella said, her face blushing.

With a grin, Victor squeezed her hand and replied playfully, "But I want us to discuss it now."

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