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   Chapter 641 Looking After Cassandra (Part Two)

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Cassandra smiled wordlessly. Based on how the young man behaved, she knew that he was not one who would give up so easily.

Besides, even though he looked younger than he was, it was clear that he loved Cloris.

The tenderness in his eyes whenever he looked at her was impossible to hide.

"Mrs. Qin, you are such a great cook! Everything is delicious!" Malloy declared.

Hesitantly, Cassandra asked, "Don't you feel too full, Malloy?"

The young man shook his head honestly. "I'm okay. I don't feel uncomfortable," he said.

Cassandra guessed that the young man must come from a rich family. A poor family might not have enough resources to feed him.

"Are you done eating, Malloy? If you are, then you should go. You shouldn't stay here for too long," Cloris said indifferently.

Hearing what she said, Edith threw her a fierce glance. "Cloris! How could you be so impolite? He is your classmate! You should treat him better!"

Cloris felt aggrieved. She did not understand how the idiot had managed to gain her family's favor.

The expression on her face made Cassandra's heart soften. Inconspicuously, she leaned over and whispered to her sister, "Don't worry. It's just that Mom and I both think that he is a good match for you. We do hope you give him a chance."

She did not understand why Cloris seemed to have so much prejudice against Malloy, while the latter had nothing but affection for her.

Gritting her teeth, Cloris replied to her elder sister, "I will never fall in love with such an idiot!"

She sounded sure of herself, but life was full of uncertainties. Nobody knew what would happen in the future.

When the meal finished, Edith brought out a fruit plate she had prepared before they started.

I won't have to worry."

Cassandra looked at Rufus with surprise. She didn't know what suddenly made him change his mind.

"Great!" Edith exclaimed. She was happy that Cassandra was going to stay with her. It would keep her busy, planning and preparing the diet, looking after Cassandra, and maybe even making clothes for her unborn grandchild.

"Maybe you should stay here as well, Rufus. You seem thinner than when I saw you last. I wonder what you eat every day. Neither of you seem to have gained weight!" she added.

Rufus smiled and accepted. "Alright, Mom. Cassandra and I will go back home to pack up our clothes. Then, we'll move in here."

"Don't forget to pay for your accommodation, Rufus," Cloris jested.

Rufus raised an eyebrow and looked at Cassandra.

This reminded her of a conversation they had had earlier.

There, he had said that he would be paying for accommodation all his life.

Rufus then turned to Cloris with a smile across his lips. "Okay, how much does it cost to live here? I'd like to stay here for the rest of my life."

Seeing the harmonious atmosphere in the Qin Family, Malloy smiled even more brightly.

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