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   Chapter 640 Looking After Cassandra (Part One)

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Cloris arrived home with company. With her was a boy who had delicate features and a boyish air to him.

It was not until Cloris caught sight of the two people sitting on the sofa that her expression suddenly lit up after looking so gloomy.

"Good morning, Cassandra and Rufus!" she greeted her elder sister and her brother-in-law. Then, she raised a bag and handed it to Cassandra. "These snacks are for you!"

Cassandra stood up, walked to her younger sister, and took the bag from her hand. She then looked at the boy whom Cloris was with and smiled. "Is this your friend, Cloris?" she asked. "Why don't you ask him to have a seat?"

The boy seemed ready to deal with such an unexpected situation. Before Cloris could respond to Cassandra, he took the initiative to introduce himself, "Good morning! My name is Malloy Lu. I'm Cloris's classmate."

As he said this, he quickly glanced at Cloris who looked somewhat impatient. "I'm...courting Cloris, actually. I would really like her to be my girlfriend but she hasn't agreed to it yet," he added.

Cassandra was stunned by how frankly the boy spoke. Looking at Cloris, she wondered how her younger sister had attracted such a lovely boy.

"Wait here, Malloy. I'll go and get the book you want. Go as soon as you get it," Cloris said. Then, she strode to her bedroom and began to look for the book on her shelves.

Meanwhile, left in the living room, Malloy greeted the three again with warm smiles.

"Mrs. Qin, Mr. and Mrs. Luo... I like Cloris very much. I hope I can have your support as I convince her to be my girlfriend," the boy said. Despite his young age, he seemed to have a very good hold of his speech.

Cassandra could not help but smile. Unable to st

e who has escaped from a mental institution, ' she thought.

They had a very hearty lunch as Edith had prepared so many dishes. After she was told that Cassandra was pregnant, she felt that it was necessary to nourish her daughter as much as she could. This was why she added a few more dishes than what she had prepared.

After all the dishes were laid down on the dining table, Cassandra could not help but comment, "Mom, this is enough to feed us for several meals!"

Rufus thought so too. The food was more than enough for all of them.

Only the "idiot," as Cloris called him, seemed to think otherwise. "Oh no, it's not too much. These would all easily go empty while I'm here."

Everyone took it as a jest.

By the end of the meal, however, they all sat staring at him with wide open eyes. Secretly from under the table, Cassandra touched Cloris's arm to get her attention. Then, she whispered, "Cloris, when he becomes your boyfriend, will he eat us out of the house and home?"

This caught Cloris off-guard. When she finally composed herself, she answered, "Cassandra! We're not in a relationship! There is nothing between us, okay?"

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