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   Chapter 636 Fever

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In the end, Rufus managed to get Cassandra up.

"Good girl. Breakfast is ready. It's on the table. Go eat," after Cassandra finished brushing her teeth, Rufus reminded her as he put on his business suit.

"Are you leaving now?" Cassandra asked, rubbing her abdomen which still felt painful.

Rufus walked towards her and helped her massage her body. "Yes, after you have your breakfast, you can go back to sleep. Don't go out, okay? Wait for me here and we can have lunch together."

Cassandra nodded and nudged him. "Okay, okay. I know. Go to work now. Don't be late."

After Rufus left for work, Cassandra finished the breakfast that he had prepared for her. Suddenly, she thought of going out for a walk.

Even though Rufus had told her to stay at home, she just couldn't keep herself from going out for some fresh air.

Grabbing her bag, she locked the door and sprinted out.

In his office, Rufus was rubbing his forehead, trying to sort out the files on his table. 'What could Cassandra be doing right now? Is she sleeping?' Rufus asked himself.

'Do we have clothes hanging outside? I forgot to remind her to bring the clothes in. I saw the weather forecast and they said it's going to rain today. Our clothes might get wet again.

It's okay. If they get wet, I can just wash them again. I don't want to wake her up. She needs to sleep.'

He wouldn't have thought that Cassandra was out going for a walk in the suburbs. As she sat in the taxi, she looked out the window to take in the trees and the flowers. It reminded her of Melbourne.

She asked the driver to stop at a random stop she'd chosen. When she got off the cab, she headed for the grassland. She chose a spot, sat down, and took out her pencil and sketchpad.

It had been a while since she'd last done some sketches. Every time she started drawing, she'd get lost in it. It was such a huge part of her that she always seemed to move in rhythm whenever she drew.

While she was sketching, she focused on how she would draw the next part of her sketch.

She'd gotten so absorbed in her sketching that she didn't notice that the clouds had gathered—it was going to rain. She didn't even feel the change in temperature.

When the first drop of rain landed on her face, she thought that she was just imagining it.

Soon, it was pouring. Cassandra hurriedly packed up her stuff—totally unprepared.

The worst thing was the rain was just getting harder and harder.

Cassandra looked around for a place to seek shelter. There were a few trees nearby but she knew that it was dangerous to be near trees if there was lightning.

So, what should she do?

She walked along the road, hoping to find a shop or a restaurant or maybe, a taxi.

However, she didn't find anything. It was a remote area so taxis rarely passed by. Cassandra had already been walking for a while but she still couldn't find shelter.

"Ah-choo!" Cassandra sneezed, rubbing her nose.

Finally, she saw a taxi.

The taxi driver was pissed that Cassandra was dripping

room?' she wondered.

Smiling, Rufus shouted, "Doctor Li, is the porridge ready?"

Doctor Li responded with a yes so he turned to Cassandra and said, "Cassandra, wait for me here."

Then he went out to get her a bowl of porridge.

The doctor was preparing herbal porridge for Cassandra. The herbs that he had added could not only treat her fever but also improve the baby's health condition. He even added some special herbs that would make the porridge more tasty—so it wouldn't be bitter like other herbal porridges.

When Rufus brought the bowl of porridge to Cassandra, her eyes suddenly lit up.

"Smells great!" Cassandra exclaimed.

Rufus sat by her bed, scooped some on a spoon, blew on it, and fed it to Cassandra.

Cassandra couldn't help but chuckle. "Rufus, it's only a fever. It's not like I'm injured or something. You don't have to do this."

Rufus ignored her. He shook his head and just continued to feed her. "Be a good girl. Come on, open your mouth. The porridge is too hot. Eat slowly."

Since Rufus insisted, Cassandra had no choice but to open her mouth. The man reminded her of an over-protective mother with the way he was acting.

"How's the porridge?" Rufus asked. 'This porridge has so many ingredients, some of them are herbs. I hope it tastes good, ' he thought.

Cassandra seemed to like it. Squinting her eyes, she asked, "Who made this? It's wonderful."

Rufus was relieved to hear that. 'Doctor Li said this is good for pregnant woman because it has a lot of nutrients. Maybe I should ask him to teach me how to cook this. I'll ask for the ingredients so I can buy them and cook the porridge for her myself.'

When Cassandra finished eating, Rufus left the room to look for Doctor Li to ask for the porridge recipe.

"Rufus, where are you going?" Cassandra asked.

Rufus turned and smiled. "I'm just going to wash the bowl and I'll ask Doctor Li for the recipe of the porridge. He says it's good for pregnant women."

Cassandra nodded, then Rufus walked away.

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