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   Chapter 635 You Are Horny

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In the end, Cassandra conceded, "Fine, I'll call a housekeeper to clean the house." Afraid that Rufus would come back and do the cleaning with her, Cassandra found herself with no other choice but to give in.

After making sure that everything was settled, she opened the fridge but was disappointed to find nothing inside. She then decided that she had to buy some food to fill it in.

As she walked past a roasted duck shop, she found herself gagging, overwhelmed at the smell of grease. This was odd as it was normally something that she liked.

Luckily there was a dust bin a few steps away. She ran up to it immediately and prepared to throw up but nothing came out of her.

Realizing that she was not about to puke, she decided to buy water to clean her mouth instead. This made her feel a little better but still generally uncomfortable.

Because of this, Cassandra opted to quicken her pace as she carried out her errands.

In the meat area, her discomfort was once again triggered by a bloody piece of steak.

'I seem to be sick or something. There's probably something wrong with my stomach. I hope I recover soon, ' she thought.

Since merely looking at the meat made her stomach churn, she decided to buy vegetables and some of her favorite snacks instead.

Rufus arrived home while she was still in the supermarket.

After successfully collecting all that she needed to buy, Cassandra proceeded to the check-out counter to pay.

While queuing, a little kid accidentally bumped into her.

She lost her balance and almost fell.

Frightened, the little kid stuttered, "Miss, are...are you okay? I'm sorry."

Cassandra saw another kid looking at their direction with a worried expression. She suspected that they had been chasing each other which was why one of them accidentally bumped into her.

Cassandra smiled warmly in response. She had grown fond of kids because of Greyson. She lowered herself into a comfortable squat and gently replied, "Maybe it's best if you don't chase each other here in the supermarket. There are so many people and there are a lot of things that could break. You'll have to pay for them if you break them, after all."

The kid nodded heavily. "Yes, Ma'am. I understand. I'll go back with my brother now!"

Cassandra rubbed the kid's head. "All right. Be careful. Don't rush."

When the two kids finally disappeared from her view, Cassandra continued her way to the cashier.

"Miss, three hundred and seventy one in total," the cashier said.

Cassandra opened her bag and started to look for her wallet.

She could not seem to find it.

"Miss, did you forget to bring your wallet?" the cashier asked flatly.

Cassandra could swear that the wallet was in her bag when she left the house! Plus, she was very certain that it was still with her when she bought herself a bottle of water a moment ago. So where could her wallet have gone?

Suddenly, she remembered the kid who collided with her.

'He must have stolen my wallet. I can't think of any o

ave fallen asleep mid-way! How embarrassing!

Argh, I feel so ashamed! How can I face Rufus now?' she agonized.

When he walked back into the room, Rufus found his wife under a blanket. She looked as if she were hiding.

"Cassandra, I've prepared breakfast for you. Get up and go eat," Rufus said, giggling.

She held the blanket even more tightly over her head. From under the covers, she replied, "I'm not hungry. I won't eat."

Of course, Rufus was not going to give up just like that. Hastily, he pulled the blanket off of her. "Come on, Cassandra. Let's eat!"

Cassandra gritted her teeth and stared at him. "My body hurts. I can't move!" she complained helplessly.

Rufus chuckled, kissing the tip of her nose. "I'm sorry. My bad."

"Yes! It's because of you. It's your fault!" she declared.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I really am. Come now, let's eat," Rufus replied.

Cassandra, however, was still reluctant to follow. "I don't want to get up," she grumbled as she rolled to another side. "The bed is so comfortable."

Just as she finished her sentence, Rufus went on top of her.

"What are you doing? Get off me!" Cassandra yelled. "Are you crazy? You're out of your mind!"

"I'm sorry, I can't help myself! You're just too beautiful!" Rufus replied.

Blushing, Cassandra did her best to shove him away. "I'm too tired to play with you right now! Please go away! If you don't stop, I will make sure you can never touch me again!" she finally declared.

Of course, this was something Rufus did not want it to happen. The threat worked especially well as he immediately got off the bed. "Alright! I'm staying away now!" he conceded.

Despite his coaxing, Cassandra still showed no intention of getting up. "Fine. If you want to stay in bed, then I'll stay with you. But I can't promise anything. If I accidentally do something to you later then you can't blame me for it," Rufus joked.

Annoyed, Cassandra spat, "You are too horny! I'm warning you, Rufus. Do not cross the line!"

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