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   Chapter 634 Back To Home Country

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The restaurant Victor had booked was a newly opened one. From the outside, it looked like a classy and tasteful place.

Cassandra read the name on the board. It said, "Bamboo Restaurant."

She nodded slightly and remarked, "Hmm, that's an interesting name..."

Victor smiled at her sweetly and explained, "The owner of the restaurant is deeply inspired by nature. That's why he thought of making a sustainable restaurant with a natural theme. The entire structure is made out of bamboo."

When they walked in, they noticed all the waiters and waitresses were wearing traditional emerald green suits or dresses. They were all pretty young. Their young faces and energetic bodies in that color granted a lively look to the entire place.

"Really nice place," Rufus commented flatly. Even though it wasn't a large restaurant, it was indeed an exotic one. Anyone would love to come here a second time.

Stella, however, seemed to be dissatisfied with Victor's choice. The tension that had come to a close between them started to spark again.

"You must have some kind of relationship with some girl here!" she said accusingly.

Victor felt wronged, like he was being read in an ill manner. "I booked here because I've heard good reviews. It's not a random place I stumbled upon. It's the quality, nothing else..."

"Whatever. I don't want to talk to you anymore."

Cassandra looked at the two of them, amused at their little altercation. "Alright. You will be marrying each other soon. Why are you acting like kids?"

Stella groaned, "What? Did I say I was going to marry him?"

Victor looked at her with a jerk, suddenly feeling anxious. Even though they were quite used to fighting with each other, he had always believed they would marry each other.

'Victor has always been a composed man. Yet, he cannot maintain his composure because of this woman. How interesting...' Rufus thought, studying the tension between them.

Cassandra smiled at the both of them and said, "Stop fighting now. Let's order!"

Victor's mood was still low because of Stella's inconsiderate words. In a low voice, he said, "This restaurant offers a different, special meal every day. I have already placed an order for the day's specials for us."

The sudden change in Victor's mood didn't escape Stella's eyes. She felt that she might have gone too far by saying the thing about marrying so she added, "Are you stupid? If you carry this face on the day of our wedding-shoot, I will dump you right away!"

Victor felt dazed for a few seconds, staring at her in a dumbfounded manner. Only later did he realize she was joking. Instantly, a natural smile spread across his lips and he felt delighted again.

Rufus and Cassandra, on the other hand, glanced at each other dramatically and positioned themselves as spectators, enjoying the little drama.

"Good evening, here is your flowering tea. Please enjoy." A waitress came smiling at them and served the tea that they had prepared specially for their guests today.

Cassandra picked up her cup and drew a deep breath, taking in the aroma that rose with the hot vapor. The girl who was serving the tea caught her attention then. She reminded her of someone.

'The girl resembles a princess I once saw on TV. Both have a cold aura around them. But, I guess a princess's self-pride would never allow her to serve me tea, ' Cassandra thought to herself.


d has the ability to run a business on his own. When do you plan to resign?"

Victor thought for a while before answering, "The company needs me as of now. I will leave when you find yourself a proper assistant."

Rufus smiled at the answer, shaking his head. "Alright. Good to hear that."

Rufus then asked Victor to hire a new assistant. After all, the new employee would replace him. It was best for him to make the choice.

Rufus had merely worked for an hour before he started missing the woman he had left at home. 'What could she be doing right now? I hope she hired a housekeeper.

A lot of dirt must have accumulated in the house over the weeks. The kitchen needs to be cleaned as well. Will she able to manage all of it alone?' he thought anxiously.

The more he pondered over it, the more it worried him. In the end, the worry overwhelmed him, compelling him to call Cassandra and assure himself that everything was fine.

"What's up, Cassandra? What are you doing?"

When she picked up the phone, the little woman was actually wiping the lobby's floor with a cloth. Smiling, she sat on the floor and answered, "Nothing much. Watching TV. Why did you call?"

Rufus didn't hear any sounds in the background. He knew she was lying and frowned. "You didn't listen to me, did you? Why are you cleaning the house yourself?"

Cassandra feigned a laugh and answered, "No. I am on the couch watching TV, Rufus."

Rufus wasn't convinced. "Really? Let me video call you and see the housekeeper."

Cassandra's mouth fell open; she closed her eyes tight, thinking about how to get out of this. What a difficult situation it was!

For a while, she didn't utter a single word. She didn't have a choice but to confess to Rufus, "Okay, Rufus. You see, I think it's too troublesome to hire a housekeeper. Anyway, I don't have much to do here. I can do the cleaning myself."

Rufus wasn't satisfied with the answer. "If you really think so, I'll come back and help you clean the house."

Cassandra turned nervous and hurriedly answered, "No! You just returned to your office a while back. Stay there! What would the employees think if you just leave like that?"

Rufus was firm on his stance. "Wait for me. I'm coming back," he said, starting to wrap up.

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