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   Chapter 633 Bid Farewell (Part Two)

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"Rufus, are Stella and Victor going to fetch us at the airport?" Cassandra asked Rufus purposefully.

Pausing for a moment, Rufus told her, "I talked to Victor earlier over the phone. He told me that he got into another fight with Stella, so I have no idea if they would be coming together to pick us up or not."

Upon hearing the details, Cassandra couldn't help letting out a lengthy sigh. 'Are those two born just to keep quarreling all the time? Can't they be on good terms even just for a day? But come to think of it, the more the two of them argue with each other, the stronger their bond becomes, ' Cassandra pondered.

'I should probably stop thinking too much about it. They look like they're already used to being like that.'

"Miss, is there a problem?" Cassandra asked, finding it quite strange how the lady was still intently looking at them as she was having a private conversation with Rufus.

Politely smiling at Cassandra, the woman responded, "I just thought I should thank you. Can I invite you two for a meal together? If you don't mind, it's on me. I just really want to show you how thankful I am."

Without even giving it much thought, Cassandra shook her head and declined right away, "I'm sorry. Our friends are gonna be waiting for us at the airport. And aside from that, we already have prior plans. I'm afraid that we won't be able to accept your invitation. Sorry about that."

Despite already hearing her response, the woman persistently waited for Rufus to say something, hoping that he would be giving her a favorable answer. Unfortunately for her, Rufus had no intention of looking at her whatsoever.

"My wife is right." After telling her that, he began to pack all of their stuff inside Cassandra's bag.

Realizing that there was nothing she could do to change their mind, the woman beamed them a smile and left, feeling so disappointed.

Honestly speaking, Rufus didn't really feel like the woman was bothering him, but Cassandra thought differently. Her ey

und together?' Cassandra worriedly thought.

"Cassandra! It's been so long! I miss you so much!" Stella wrapped her arms around Cassandra and held her tight, with excitement spewing out of her.

Cassandra felt so happy to see her old friend once again. After all, it had really been a while since the last time they saw each other. So, she deeply missed Stella as well.

Unlike Stella who seemed so frantic, Victor appeared to be much more composed. At the very least, he didn't welcome Rufus with a hug.

"Has everything been going smoothly?" Victor had been trying to think of what to say when Rufus finally arrived. Somehow, he was able to come up with something.

Even though things weren't really going without a hitch when they were in Melbourne, he still replied, "Yes, everything is alright."

"Victor and I have made reservations at a restaurant. Surely, you two must be feeling hungry after the long flight. Let's all grab something to eat!" Stella told them, with a big smile on her face.

"I would love that. Let's eat," Cassandra said in agreement.

But the moment she saw Rufus hauling the luggage around, her face turned into a frown. "Do we really have to bring the luggage over to the restaurant?"

Rufus's eyes widened up as he responded, "I will ask for someone to take the luggage back first for us."

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