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   Chapter 632 Bid Farewell (Part One)

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When it was just about time for them to go to bed, Cassandra didn't head over to Greyson's room. And instead, she went ahead and brought the little boy over to their bedroom.

"Tonight, the three of us are gonna be sleeping together in this room." At that moment, Cassandra might have been smiling, but there was a hint of sorrow deep within her eyes.

On the following day, they were scheduled to return to China. Because of that, she knew that she wouldn't be able to hold Greyson the way she was doing it right now.

"Come over here." Cassandra said as she sat on the bed, gesturing for Greyson to move closer to her.

The kid proceeded, smiling at Cassandra from ear to ear.

"Mommy!" Greyson quickly leaped onto the bed and enthusiastically called out to Cassandra.

Nudging Greyson into the comforter, Cassandra smiled and said, "Please be a good boy and stay right here."

On any other day, Rufus would've been so disappointed for not being able to keep Cassandra all to himself, but right now, he wasn't showing any signs of being displeased.

"Greyson, now that we know Hertha is expecting, you need to promise me that you'll take good care of her. Make sure to help her in any way you can so that she doesn't strain herself too much. See to it that no one accidentally bumps into her. Do you understand?" Cassandra instructed Greyson.

Bobbing his head in agreement, the little boy reassured her, "Okay!"

The small family of three experienced their first time sleeping together in the same bed, talking about lots of random things and staying up late. Greyson was still in the middle of saying something when he fell asleep. His voice just started to trail off all of a sudden and his breathing became steady.

Reaching for the comforter, Cassandra adjusted it until it was just below Greyson's chin. After that, she felt drowsy herself, so much so that she could barely even keep her eyes open.

"Good night, Rufus." In just a few seconds after saying that, she dozed off as well.

Leaning i

y sudden movement, I might wake her up," Rufus answered, saying no to her request.

The woman appeared to have felt embarrassed after being turned down, but she didn't want to press the issue. "When your wife wakes up, could you help me pick it up then?"

This time, Rufus nodded without saying anything else.

It was only when the plane was preparing for landing that Cassandra finally woke up.

While rubbing her eyes, she asked, "Is the plane about to land?"

"Very soon, dear," Rufus replied as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Cassandra proceeded to lean back on his shoulder again, thinking of taking another nap.

"Sir, I don't mean to be a bother, but could you please help me now?" Cassandra was still trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in when she heard the voice of a woman talking to Rufus.

Raising her head, she saw a good-looking woman standing beside him.

'When the heck did Rufus meet this woman?' she asked herself. 'I wasn't asleep for very long. What happened while I was sleeping?'

With a straight face on, Rufus promptly hunched over to pick up a diamond ring, handing it over to the woman by the aisle.

"Thank you very much," the woman said before returning to her seat.

Giving the woman a doubtful look, Cassandra had a sneaking suspicion that the woman was not to be trusted.

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