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   Chapter 631 Daddy And Mommy Were Leaving (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6073

Updated: 2019-10-10 00:02

Greyson looked to the direction Rufus was pointing with his finger where he could see nothing but white clouds. He didn't see such a good-looking young man. He just saw those peaceful, beautiful clouds.

"Jarrod, Rufus and I will go back to our homeland tomorrow," Cassandra said, looking at Jarrod's photo on the gravestone. When it dawned on her that she would not come back in a long time once they went back, she decided to speak as much as she could.

"Look, Rufus is still the same person he was. He doesn't talk that much. You don't like this character of his. Right?" Cassandra said with a smile on her face.

Listening aside, Rufus was surprised at what she said. However, he didn't complain or say anything.

Pointing at Greyson with her finger, she introduced the boy to Jarrod in a cheerful tone, "If I tell you who this boy is, I'm sure you will envy him because he is going to live together with Hertha every day in the same house."

As she spoke, her eyes became red and teary, but she continued still in a cheerful tone, "Do you feel jealous of him? If you do, you should take care of Hertha by yourself. Aha...I would rather you come back to life because of jealousy."

Finally, Rufus moved towards her and held her shoulders with his strong arms. In a low voice, he said, "Don't be so sad, Cassandra."

Yes, despite the smile at the corners of her mouth, deep down at heart, she was sad and despondent.

That pale and weak young man had passed away in front of her eyes, but she could do nothing to save his life.

"Jarrod is gone. Cassandra, don't be sad any longer. I'm sure, where he is now, he is resting in peace," Rufus consoled her in a low voice.

Standing by and watching in silence, Greyson couldn't understand what they were talking about. But he could sense sorrow hangi

d you pick up the fruits?" she asked in a curious tone.

Neither Rufus nor Cassandra knew why she reacted that way, while Greyson was confused too.

"Not very far from here. There are a few dead trees aside," after thinking for a while, Greyson described the place where he had climbed the tree.

"You can't eat them," Hertha declared. Then she gathered all the fruits into a plastic bag and threw them into a trash can while everyone else watched in surprise.

Greyson looked somewhat frustrated by what she had done. "Why can't we eat them?" he asked in a defeated voice.

When she turned around, Hertha forced a smile. "They are used in making a highly potent hard drug that's common with addicts across the country. Thank goodness, you did not eat any. You need to stay away from these fruits."

Frowning, Rufus asked, "Is the tree wild or planted by somebody on purpose?"

A little hesitant, Hertha gazed at the fruits she had thrown into the trash can for quite a while. She looked absent-minded. Then she said in a plain tone, "I don't know either."

After thinking for a while, Rufus said, "I will cut that tree down, so that Greyson would never be tempted to touch its fruits again."

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