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   Chapter 630 Daddy And Mommy Were Leaving (Part One)

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When Greyson came back from school at lunch break, Cassandra led him to his own room in Hertha's new house.

"Look, You dad and I bought these books for you in the morning," Cassandra said with a smile on her face, pointing at the stack of books on the bookshelf.

Greyson had a great interest in books. When he saw a whole collection of new books that his dad and mom had bought him, he ran to the bookshelf in excitement.

In particular, the comics impressed him so much that Cassandra could see the joy in his eyes.

Next to the comics and other children's books, there were books Rufus bought for him. Greyson couldn't make the head or tail out of any of them.

"Mommy, what's this?" he asked in confusion, holding the Western Economics in his hands.

Clearing his throat, Rufus answered thoughtfully, "This book is for you to read when you grow up. It can help you make money."

The boy could not understand what Rufus meant, but making money did appeal to him to a certain extent.

Despite his young age, life on the streets had taught him how important money was. Begging for a few pennies to buy food and going with clothes tattered was one harsh experience that he didn't wish to return to, ever!

With these thoughts in mind, he promised, "Daddy, once I know how to read, I will begin with this one!" He placed his little palm on the book with a solemn look on his face. He badly wished he could read the book right now. But since he couldn't, it gave him the motivation to work hard at school.

It was not until now that Rufus realized he was a little over the top to buy the boy such a book.

However, since Cassandra was present, he would by no means admit that fact.

"Great! Good boy, Greyson," Rufus said in a plain tone.

"Daddy, Mommy, I don't want to go to school in the afternoon," Greyson said all of a sudden during lunch.


at was done by Hertha in the morning.

Cassandra too had bought a bunch of flowers and she carefully laid them in front of Jarrod's gravestone. Greyson was standing by her side.

"This was the man Hertha loved most," Cassandra said to Greyson, pointing at the young man in a white shirt, wearing a bright smile in the photo on the gravestone.

Greyson looked at the black-and-white photo, confusion showing in his big eyes.

"Mommy, has this big brother passed away?" he asked.

His question reminded Cassandra of the scene at the hospital when Jarrod's emergency treatment failed. After the doctor told them about the news and left the rescue room, she stood at the door, refusing to accept that Jarrod would never wake up again.

However, she was slowly getting out of denial and learning to accept the fact as time went by.

Noticing that Cassandra was absent-minded and didn't answer Greyson's question, Rufus squatted down and stroked the boy's head. In a gentle voice, he said, "This big brother is in heaven."

He raised his head and pointed at the sky with his finger, where white clouds formed beautiful patterns and moved at a slow, peaceful pace. "Do you see the clouds? This big brother is living his life there above."

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