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   Chapter 629 Complexity

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As Rufus expected, Cassandra slept in Greyson's room that night.

Lying on the king-sized bed alone, he tossed and turned, unable to sleep.

They would go back to their homeland the day after tomorrow, but they still had so many unsolved problems here in Melbourne.

Two of those would be about Harward and Greyson's sister.

And he didn't know if Hertha and Greyson could live safely once he and Cassandra left.

However, if he waited until he had solved all their problems here then they would be staying here much longer.

Harward was quite powerful and influential here. Rufus couldn't beat him in such a short amount of time.

And it was very difficult to find a kid—Greyson's younger sister—in such a vast area.

The more he thought about these problems, the more stressed he felt. He sighed and decided to let his mind rest. He had to prioritize his own affairs first. In any case, if anything happened to Greyson or Hertha in Melbourne, he and Cassandra could easily fly in.

When he woke up at midnight, Greyson saw Cassandra peacefully sleeping next to him.

'Mommy has such long lashes!

She looks so beautiful, ' he thought.

He fixed his eyes on Cassandra who was sound asleep. He tried to keep the noise he was making to a minimum so that he wouldn't wake her up.

He felt distressed as he thought of Rufus and Cassandra's leaving.

Even though he knew that they would have to leave, he hadn't thought the day would come so soon and that he would have to face it right away.

Greyson moved his head so that he could plant a kiss on Cassandra's soft cheek.

He tried to look for a comfortable spot before he went back to sleep. No matter how soon they were leaving, no matter how sad he felt, he was happy to sleep next to his mom for now.

The next morning, Cassandra woke up earlier than Greyson. However, as she was getting out of bed, Greyson stirred and woke up.

"Good morning, Greyson," Cassandra greeted him, with a smile on her face.

She found Greyson to be particularly adorable when he was half-asleep.

"Good morning," Greyson responded.

Cassandra found the clothes Greyson was going to wear today and helped him change.

Greyson was fully awake by the time he had finished change. He looked at Cassandra and asked in a serious tone, "Mommy, are you and Daddy going to leave tomorrow morning?"

Upon hearing this, Cassandra was taken back to the previous night when Greyson had spent the night bawling.

Her heart softened. "Greyson, Daddy and Mommy can stay for a few more days if you want..."

"You don't need to. It doesn't matter. You'll leave anyway," Greyson said, biting his lower lip.

Cassandra was taken aback at this and frankly, at a loss for words.

Gritting his teeth, Greyson uttered, "After all, you did tell me that you were leaving. And you also told me that you would visit me and Hertha often."

Greyson pretended to be mature enough to be talking about things like this.

Cassandra felt sad at this. She le


She wondered if that meant Greyson was an introvert.

As she thought over this, she hailed a taxi to take her back to the hotel.

They had offered to help Hertha move into the new house today. This kept Cassandra and Rufus busy all the morning.

The house didn't have that much new furniture, so Cassandra and Rufus bought some as a gift to Hertha. They told the seller to deliver the furniture to the new house.

After decorating the new house, Cassandra pulled Rufus to a book store.

"I thought you didn't want Greyson to read comics, right? Why are you looking through comic books?" Rufus asked in confusion.

Looking at the thick stack of comic books she had chosen, Cassandra answered in a sad voice, "Because we're leaving. I'm afraid that he and Hertha would feel lonely. So I'm buying lots of comic books to keep him busy. Or else, he might get bored."

Rufus was persuaded to do the same. "You're right. Since we're leaving, I think I'm going to leave some books for Greyson to read too."

When Rufus had finished choosing books for Greyson, Cassandra looked over them. The corners of her mouth twitched. In an uncertain tone, she asked, "Are you sure you're getting those for Greyson? It seems like those books are better suited for you than for him."

Raising his eyebrows, Rufus said, "These are all simple books. I've read these like a long time ago."

Each of the books that Rufus had picked out was as thick as a dictionary. There were Western Economics, Analysis Data of World Financial Center, etc. Cassandra thought they looked dull and boring.

"Are you serious?" Cassandra prodded. Greyson had just started school. He didn't even know how to read yet and here Rufus was buying him so many complex books. Cassandra thought he couldn't possibly be serious.

Rufus didn't respond to her. Instead, he told the staff in the book store to pack all the books they had bought.

When they left the book store, Cassandra was still nursing her mixed feelings.

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