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   Chapter 628 A Moody Woman

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"Yes, I am. I'm still excited!" Cassandra raised her head and looked at Rufus, with a bright smile on her face.

Rufus caressed her face and beamed at her.

On their way back, Cassandra asked Rufus, "When are we going back to China? We've been in Melbourne for so long."

Rufus looked at her and said, "I've already booked a flight. We'll be leaving in the morning, the day after tomorrow."

Cassandra bit her lip, struggling internally. If she were being honest, she really thought they needed to go back to China already because they'd been here for so long. But in the meantime, she felt sad at the idea of parting with Greyson and Hertha.

"Did you tell Hertha and Greyson that we're leaving?" Cassandra raised her eyebrows and asked.

Rufus shook his head. "Not yet. Greyson has been a great time these past two days. If I tell him that we're leaving, he'll definitely get sad." After a pause, he continued, "How about you tell him? If I tell him, I'm afraid that I can't handle it if he cries in front of me."

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him. She didn't want to see Greyson cry as well. It would certainly upset her if she saw Greyson cry his eyes out.

However, she knew that it was inevitable. They had to leave.

The first thing Rufus had to do once they returned was to deal with the cook.

He could still recall how angry the manager was when he'd taken away the cook the manager had stolen from another hotel.

Despite this encounter, Rufus still stayed at the hotel, which pissed the manager off. Every time he saw Rufus, he would get annoyed.

Rufus hired someone to redecorate the house that Hertha had just bought. He also asked Abbado and Allen to keep an eye on her so that she would always be safe.

That night, Hertha had already figured out that Cassandra and Rufus were planning to leave soon.

"It seems that you two had a long day so that means you're leaving, right?" Hertha looked at them and asked coldly.

Cassandra stared at Hertha who was standing in front of her. She could still remember the first time they had met each other. Hertha had been so proud and fearless. Now she was like a totally different person, quiet and elegant.

Cassandra felt upset at this. She spoke to Hertha in a gentle voice, "From now on, you must take care of yourself. I promise that I'll come back when you give birth."

Hertha nodded and smiled. "Okay, Greyson and I will be waiting for you. Come and visit us if you get the time. I think Greyson's really going to miss you."

Rufus walked over to Cassandra and hugged her when he saw the look on her face. Then he turned to Hertha and said, "Hertha, don't worry. Cassandra and I will come visit you guys no matter how busy we are."

Hertha thought for a second and asked, "When do you plan to tell Greyson about your leaving?"

Cassandra didn't know how to answer her question. She was supposed to tell Greyson earlier. But she didn't want to see the look on Greyson's face when he found out that they were leaving.

"I'm not sure

sandra was starting to get worried. "Greyson, my good boy. Say something. You're scaring me."

Cassandra reached out to hug Greyson in her arms. "My lovely boy, Daddy and Mommy will come back for you. Don't be sad okay? There are just lots of things that we need to deal with back home. We have no choice but to leave you this soon. Greyson, please be a good boy and study hard. You can always call us and we'll call you too especially when we miss you."

Greyson buried his head into Cassandra's arms, crying. Cassandra's heart ached at the sound of this.

"But I don't want my daddy and mommy to leave..." Greyson burst out crying suddenly.

Cassandra's eyes were filled to the brim with tears too. She hugged Greyson even harder and rubbed his back. "We don't want to leave you either."

Rufus could hear the crying from outside Greyson's room. He felt helpless not being able to do anything.

'What should I do now? I don't know how to comfort them both, ' Rufus thought to himself.

Rufus decided to do as Cassandra had told him and just left them alone.

After crying for a while, Greyson eventually fell asleep in Cassandra's arms. She lowered her head to look at the little boy, only to find his face stained with tears.

She raised her hand to wipe the tears off his face, feeling so guilty and upset.

Cassandra then carried Greyson to the bathroom herself so she could help him shower. Rufus offered to help her. But it took just one look from Cassandra for him to back off.

"This is my son. I don't need your help," Cassandra said to Rufus with red eyes. She then ignored him and walked away.

Rufus was taken aback by Cassandra's sudden temper. 'I was just sitting outside the whole time. I left them alone like she had asked. Why is she so angry with me?' he wondered.

Rufus racked his mind trying to figure out why Cassandra was mad at him. The only thing he concluded was that women could be moody sometimes.

He decided to keep his mouth shut, afraid to set her off again.

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