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   Chapter 627 Joy In The Church (Part Two)

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"All right. You are gorgeous," grinning, he put his hand on her shoulder and complimented.

Cassandra grinned back. "Let's go now."

Rufus led her to a car that he had borrowed. 'Perhaps, this is Abbado's car, ' Cassandra thought.

"Please get in, my dear lady. I will be your driver today and I will serve as your tour guide as well. Let's explore Melbourne!" Rufus gently opened the door for her.

Cassandra immediately fit into her role and replied, "Ok, we can go now, my reliable tour guide."

Rufus had planned his route beforehand. Whenever they would go out, he would devise a perfect plan so as to make sure Cassandra would enjoy.

Today, the car made so many turns that Cassandra could barely recognize which street they were on. By the time he stopped, she was already feeling lost.

"Where is this place?" Cassandra asked when she opened the door.

Rufus held her hand and smiled. "You'll know when you see the entrance."

It was the St Patrick's Cathedral, the tallest gothic Cathedral in the southern hemisphere, arguably the most famous Cathedral in Melbourne.

"Rufus, why did you bring me here?" Cassandra asked, puzzled.

Rufus didn't explain. Instead, he silently tugged at her hand and gently led her in.

The grand Cathedral had been standing at its place for over a century. Time elapsed; dynasty changed; visitors came and went; what remained unchanged was the Cathedral. Stoically, the Cathedral stood still, through rain and sunshine, witnessing all the changes. But like a massive pillar of steel, it had never been affected—always the last one standing. And on top of all the elements of history, there was the element of divinity incorporated into this place. Standing beneath the gentle, enduring giant, Cassandra was left in awe!

Rufus noticed that her mind seemed to have drifted away. Waving hi

ke crying now! There are so many people watching us! I don't want to cry in front of so many strangers!' she thought to herself. 'But, I really love the surprise. And, I love you.'

Then audibly, she said, "Rufus Luo, I love you as well." The sincerity was unmistakable, even in trembling voice. It was such a simple line, but it contained all her emotions and love for her man. No other words could better describe her feelings in a more succinct way.

They kissed passionately, both feeling warmed with each other's presence.

A group of children started to sing verses of blessing for the couple. Hopefully, they would be blessed to enjoy each other's company for rest of their lives.

At the end of the ceremony, the priest gave them a devotion from the gospels as the gift.

Cassandra expressed her sincere gratitude to the priest as well as everyone in attendance, who had graced the occasion and given their best wishes.

At this extraordinary place, she was touched like never before in all her life. She didn't know any of them. Neither did she know if she would ever meet them again. But she was warmed by every bit of their kindness.

"Cassandra, do you feel happy?" Rufus asked when they came out the church.

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