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   Chapter 626 Joy In The Church (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6020

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Brows furrowed, Rufus said in disgruntlement, "Stay away from that guy. He is a dangerous man."

Cassandra nodded. "Okay. I get it."

"Anyway, let me prepare some nice soup for you guys. I know you must be starving now," she added.

Rufus shot up his eyebrows and asked, "Do you need my help?"

Cassandra was amused by his offer. "I'll cook the soup only, not something complicated. I can do it."

Then she playfully pushed him back onto the couch. "Well. You will stay here and watch the TV while I cook."

As she left, Rufus gazed at her back. The moment she disappeared into the kitchen, he took out his phone and sent a message to the man.

"Don't ever lay a finger on anyone associated with me. Never, ever! And especially my wife."

Harward was fishing in his little pond at the backyard of his mansion when the message from Rufus popped up. He silently read it through and put on a sinister smile.

'Well, Rufus, it seems you do care a lot about your wife, ' Harward thought. He merely used Cassandra to shield himself today and now he was getting the warning from Rufus.

Then he put his phone to one side and abruptly lifted his fishing rod. On the hook, he had just caught one big fish, flopping vigorously as it dangled, biting the bait.

As he threw the fish into a nearby bucket, he squinted his eyes. "This is my lunch today,"

he ordered the butler who then took the fish to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, at their suite, Cassandra was busy in the kitchen. She had little knowledge on what a pregnant woman should be eating. But she tried to make the soup as nutritious as possible.

At midday, Rufus drove to pick up Greyson while Hertha was still sleeping and Cassandra was busy with her cooking.

The moment he stepped into the house, Greyson was enthralled at

Perhaps she felt so warm and cozy in the arms of her love. In just a few minute, she fell into a sweet dream.

Eyes brimming with love, Rufus kissed on her cheek. Initially he wanted to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom, but he felt lazy and decided that he would just stay on the couch with her.

Beams of sunlight penetrated the curtain and found their way into the room. It was a cozy afternoon. The couple hugged and enjoyed each other's company.

The second day, Cassandra was pleased to find that the rashes that had been bothering her were almost gone.

"Greyson has school today. Let's go enjoy ourselves! I'll take you out to a certain place," Rufus said.

From time to time, Rufus would pull a surprise for her. Eyes gleaming with joy, she asked, "Which place in particular?"

As she had expected, Rufus kept it a secret. "You'll know when you're there," he answered, without revealing much.

Before they went out, Cassandra still put on some light make-up—she always wanted to present her most beautiful self to Rufus even though Rufus wasn't really meticulous over that. In the meantime, he was helping her to find the clothes she wanted to wear from the wardrobe.

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