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   Chapter 625 He Must Have A Death Wish (Part Two)

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Hearing what she said, Cassandra felt like crying aloud, but no tears came. She felt wronged. She didn't even know the man's name until the woman mentioned it just now.

She had only seen him once before. She had no idea what was going on here.

"What're you doing? Do you view me as a transparent person? I am still here!" Harward snapped at the woman in a harsh voice. His face turned red with anger.

The woman was mad too, fury boiling inside her as she thought to herself, 'Why is Howard acting like this? Does he enjoy shaming me so badly in public?'

"Harward, the baby inside my belly is yours! So you can't marry anybody but me!" She stamped down her feet.

Looking at her with his biting eyes, Harward sneered, "You may give birth to the baby and then we can do a paternity test. In this way, we'll know whether what you say is true or false."

The woman bit her own lower lip, angrily grabbed her handbag and stormed out of the dessert shop after giving Cassandra a warning glare.

From beginning to end, Cassandra had no idea what was happening in front of her. Incredulously, she watched the woman leaving in a fit of rage. Then she turned to the man, who was still holding her hand as if he really knew who she was, and smiling like a complete idiot. He must have felt very satisfied with the drama he had just caused.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cassandra snapped, jerking her hand loose from his grip. Her eyes popped wide in confusion and discomfort.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Harward asked, "You're Mrs. Luo?"

He stretched his hand and continued politely, "Nice to meet you. I'm Harward Jian."

Cassandra didn't respond to his greeting. In a plain tone, she asked, "You used me to get rid of her just now, didn't you? Did you obtain my consent in advance?"

She disliked the feeling of being hated by another woman for something she hadn't done. She thought Harward was too self-serving.

. If the boy's classmates see his mom hovering around, just after dad and auntie have left, they might see him as a mama's boy and begin to pick on him."

After thinking for quite a while, Cassandra finally said, "It's alright then. I will pick him up when classes are over."

Seeing the bags in her hand, Rufus asked, "What're those you bought?"

"Just some little stuff from outside," Cassandra answered, raising up the bags in her hand.

Hertha excused herself, "I feel a little drowsy. Can I go back to my room and catch a nap? Wake me up for lunch."

Nodding, Cassandra granted, "Okay. I'm going to cook some soup for you, which could be part of your lunch."

Eyelids drooping, Hertha thanked her, turned around and left their suite, shuffling like she might drop asleep midway.

In confidence, Cassandra pulled Rufus to the couch and told him about the drama she had just had with Harward Jian in the dessert shop.

Rufus was shocked. 'How could that bastard call my wife his fiancee?' Inwardly, he seethed at the creep's audacity.

"He's a bastard! He must have some sort of a death wish! I swear!" Rufus said, gritting his teeth.

Cassandra raised her head to take a look at him. "I feel there's something very odd about him, every time I meet him. What do you think?"

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