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   Chapter 624 He Must Have A Death Wish (Part One)

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Greyson had just woken up and was still a bit drowsy when he saw Rufus and Cassandra.

"Daddy, Mommy, when did you come back?" he mumbled, rubbing his puffy eyes.

"Do you remember you're going to school today?" asked Rufus, bending close to the boy.

Nodding, Greyson pointed at the school bag on the sofa. "Yeah. I've already packed the stationery. I'm ready," he said.

Cassandra walked close and gently stroked the little boy's head. "Good boy, Greyson!" she commended.

Quickly, they ate breakfast together. But when it was time to go, Greyson realized that Cassandra was not ready. "Isn't Mommy going?" he asked in confusion.

Covering her face with her hands to imply embarrassment, Cassandra said in a sad voice, "Mom would love to go! But look, if I appeared in public like this, with all the breakouts on my face, I would embarrass all of you."

She then waved to him, hinting that Rufus and Hertha were ready. "Bye-bye. You'd better rush, because time is not on your side. I will have a rest in our room."

The three walked out. Greyson and Hertha went ahead, holding hands, while Rufus followed right behind them. The little boy was animatedly telling stories, obviously excited.

Closing the door, Cassandra stayed alone at the hotel suite.

She turned on the TV and desultorily changed channels, from one to another without finding anything of interest.

Feeling bored, she put down the remote, left the TV on, and lay on the bed, surfing the Internet with her cellphone.

"Goodness, lots of juicy stuff!" she mumbled to herself when she saw all the celebrity gossips popping up one after the other. Social media was awash today.

'Have they arrived at the school?' she thought, cuddling a pillow in her arms and rolling about lazily on the bed.

'Why don't I go out and take a walk around?' An idea came to her mind all of a sudden. She had been in Melbourne for quite some time now, but she had never gone o

ty, she turned her head to look to the direction. Immediately she recognized the man, whom she saw at Jarrod's grave last evening.

At the same time, Harward was also looking at her. They looked at each other intently, but her face was covered by a mask, leaving only the eyes.

Her eyes looked quite clear. All of a sudden, he remembered who she was. Then he reached out and grasped Cassandra by hand.

"Why do you come so late? I could not bear waiting for you. I was almost coming out to look for you," Harward said all of a sudden, which sounded quite strange to Cassandra.

She couldn't make any sense of what the man was saying at all. Before she could say a word, Harward stood up, still holding her hand.

"This is my fiancee. Let me tell you once again that I have no relationship of any kind with you. I'm not interested in you at all. Please, I don't ever want to see you again,"

Harward said to the woman sitting opposite him at the table. Disgust was apparent in his eyes. "I would have gotten rid of you, were it not for the intervention of your grandfather."

His words sounded quite cruel to a woman, especially a woman who had affection towards him.

Out of envy, that woman glared at Cassandra fiercely. "Who are you? When did you seduce Harward successfully?"

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