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   Chapter 623 Were They Together

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When they left the hotel, Rufus and Cassandra bought take-out, so they could eat on their way to Jarrod's grave.

As they finally got on a cab, they told the driver where they were heading to. The driver looked at them as if he'd just seen a ghost.

"Why are you going to such a gloomy place at this hour?" he asked in disbelief.

Rufus wasn't very pleased to hear that. Cassandra had spent time in selecting where Jarrod was buried. It was the most beautiful cemetery they could find especially compared to the others they had found. How could that driver just dismiss all of that?

Rufus didn't say more about the driver's reluctance. Instead, he just handed him several more bills.

"We have to be there for an emergency. Please take us there. Thank you," he said plainly.

Money could really be useful in situations like this.

The taxi driver accepted the money and said no more. He started the car and drove to the cemetery.

However, he stopped the car before they arrived at the graveyard.

"The car can't pass there. You have to get off here," the taxi driver said. Perhaps it was just an excuse so he wouldn't have to go near the graveyard.

Rufus opened the car door and got off the taxi, then he helped Cassandra get off too. As he skimmed the area, he found it to be horrifying under the dark sky. It wasn't anything like that in the broad daylight. And the cold blowing wind didn't help either.

"Could Hertha really be here?" Cassandra mumbled. She found it difficult to believe that Hertha would stay here at this time of the night.

"Let's go," Rufus said, with Cassandra's hand in his.

The cold wind blew past them as they walked along the path. The trees and the plants swaying made swooshing sounds. Needless to say, it was kind of creepy.

Looking around, Cassandra said all of a sudden, "Rufus, I think this is a perfect spot for shooting a scary movie."

Rufus turned to look at her. "What's going on? Are you scared?"

Cassandra would never admit this, as a proud person.

"No way. I'm not scared at all," she said. To further prove her point, she let go of Rufus's hand and walked past him.

Rufus had no choice but to catch up with her. He grabbed her hand and said, "All right, all right. I'm the one who's scared. Hold my hand please and don't leave me so I won't get scared."

Cassandra knew that Rufus wasn't scared at all. It wasn't like him to be. He didn't even lose his countenance when there were fake ghosts in the haunted house they had been to.

So he was probably just pretending to be scared so she wouldn't be embarrassed.

She couldn't help but feel warm inside at the thought of this.

When they reached the end of the path, they finally found Jarrod's grave.

"Rufus, look... There are two people!" Cassandra said in a low voice, pointing ahead with her finger. Her eyes widened in shock.

As they expected, one of the two people was Hertha, but who was the other one? 'Is that Jarrod? Has Jarrod come back?' she thought.

A few moments later, Rufus suddenly realized that the other person must be Harward

n her life because she had been waiting for the man she loved. It wasn't set in stone when the man was coming back, but the chances of him coming back were just as high as him not coming back.

Cassandra didn't want Hertha to live her life the same way.

Finally, they both fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Rufus wasn't sure how he was feeling too. He was thinking of how much he and Cassandra had gone through just in Melbourne alone.

Especially that they had come here to enjoy their honeymoon in the first place.

Rufus couldn't help but let out a long sigh. But as he thought about it, he was sure that they wouldn't change anything if they were given the chance to start over.

He knew Cassandra too well. She was kindhearted. She might have looked strong on the outside but on the inside, she had a soft heart.

He wondered what the two women were talking about in the next room.

It wasn't until then that he started to regret not developing connections and influence in Melbourne.

If he had, then maybe Harward wouldn't have acted that way around him earlier.

In the following morning, Cassandra woke up early.

Frowning, Rufus looked at her and asked, "Why did you get up so early?"

Cassandra stared back at him. "Don't you remember? We have to send Greyson off to school today."

Rufus slapped a palm across his forehead. He had forgotten about that.

Hertha also wanted to be there to send Greyson off.

"I'll be there too," she said with a smile. "After all, I'll be his guardian after you leave. I think I should get to know the school as early as now."

Cassandra agreed. She didn't want to go out anyway considering she still had traces of her allergic reaction on her face.

If Hertha wanted to accompany Rufus, that would be great.

That previous night, Greyson had waited for them to return until midnight. He had been feeling nervous, wondering if Rufus and Cassandra had already abandoned him.

He shrugged the thought off.

'No, Daddy and Mommy will never abandon me, ' he thought firmly.

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