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   Chapter 622 A Fake Son

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"Mommy, can I not wear this?" Greyson asked.

Cassandra shook her head and said with a serious look on her face, "No, I want to see you in it."

Rufus tried to console Greyson by saying, "Greyson, just do as your mom asks. She doesn't look like she's going to give up, so you might as well just do it."

Greyson pursed his lips as he fixed his eyes on the Lolita-style dress that Cassandra was holding. He looked so miserable as if he was waiting for his death sentence.

"Okay then," he said, taking the dress from Cassandra. Gritting his teeth, he began to put it on.

Cassandra had already prepared a camera. She planned to take photos and record videos of Greyson in the dress.

Rufus just stood by the side and watched them, smiling.

Greyson put on the dress as slowly as possible. His hair was longer than most boys, and was quite soft. His skin was more beautiful and smoother than most girls, and was very delicate. So he looked very pretty when he wore the dress that was meant for girls.

"Rufus," Cassandra said, looking at Greyson in the dress. "I don't know Rufus. I don't think we have a son. He's like a fake boy!"

Rufus, too, was admiring how pretty Greyson looked. He was a boy. But how could he look so beautiful?

"Watch out, girls," Cassandra sighed. She couldn't help but imagine what his love story would look like in the future. She wasn't sure if the girls who would fall for Greyson were lucky or unlucky.

However, she was sure Greyson wouldn't find it difficult to find a girlfriend if he wanted to. She even feared that so many girls would come running after him that he wouldn't be able to have time for himself.

Rufus was also proud to have such a handsome boy for a son.

"Greyson, now please introduce yourself," Cassandra said excitedly with the camera in her hands.

Greyson pursed his rosy lips into a straight line. He looked hesitant.

Rufus joined in on the fun. "Come on, Greyson! Now show us how you're going to introduce yourself."

Greyson was frowning. Finally, he lifted his chin and said, "My name is Greyson Luo. I am four and a half years old. I love my dad and mom. I love reading comic books and sleeping. I hope I can find my younger sister soon so that she wouldn't have a hard time anymore."

Then Cassandra thought of something. Still holding the camera in her hands, she said, "Greyson, why don't you do a little dance?"

Greyson was so vexed that he pulled the dress he was wearing. "Mommy, I don't know how to dance."

Cassandra wasn't planning on giving up. "It's okay. Just move your body around! Come on, you can do it!" she said, a cunning smile on her face.

Rufus took out his own cellphone so he could pull up a video of children dancing. He showed it to Greyson so that he could copy it.

Gritting his teeth, Greyson gripped his dress and finally began to dance.

Rufus and Cassandra tried their best to hold their laughter in. Cassandra turned her head to whisper to Rufus, "Greyson's so cute!"

Rufus nodded in agreement with her.

Cassandra took thousands of photos and long videos of Greyson until she was satisfied.

"Come here, Greyson. Let's record a video of the three of us," Cassandra said, waving her hand to Greyson.

Echoing her, Rufus said, "Good idea!"

Greyson was so happy to be in a video with his mom and dad that he forgot he was wearin

n and Cassandra sitting together and gazing at Cassandra's cellphone.

"What happened?" Rufus asked. He wasn't able to hear their conversation moments earlier.

Turning to look at him, Cassandra answered, "Greyson said Hertha isn't in her room."

Cassandra had never seen the man who appeared by Hertha's side so she didn't think much of it. She just figured Hertha had gotten bored.

However, Rufus didn't think so. After all, he had seen Harward and he didn't have a very good feeling about him. He could tell he was a difficult man when he saw him earlier that day at the hospital.

"Cassandra, I think I know where Hertha is," Rufus said all of a sudden. He sounded uncertain.

In confusion, Cassandra asked, "Where?"

Slowly, Rufus answered, "The cemetery."

Hertha looked like she was in pain earlier today at the hospital. Rufus figured if she was feeling something, she would want to go to the person she loved the most—Jarrod.

So there was a big chance that Hertha was at Jarrod's grave.

Their hotel wasn't very close to the cemetery where Jarrod's grave was. It was getting dark now. If Hertha was going there, she might not be able to come back tonight.

Cassandra was worried about Hertha. It would be dangerous for her if she was there because it was getting late now.

"We should go there just to be sure," Cassandra said. She thought it would be better if they confirmed it first.

"Greyson, you stay here in the hotel. You can go down later for your dinner, okay?" Cassandra said to Greyson.

Greyson widened his eyes. "Are you going to look for Hertha?" he asked. "Can I go with you?"

Cassandra didn't even consider it. "No, it's getting late and taking you will just make it harder for us. It's not practical to take you."

Stroking Greyson's head gently, Rufus said, "Good boy, we're just worried about Hertha. She might be in danger. If we take you then we'd have to watch you and take care of you too. It's just not practical."

Greyson finally agreed despite being halfheartedly. "All right. You need to find Hertha," he said, sighing. Earlier that day, he had told Hertha he'd sleep next to her that night.

"Daddy and Mommy, please be safe and come back as soon as you can," he added.

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