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   Chapter 620 A Powerful Man (Part One)

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"The dishes you prepared today are all good," Cassandra complimented the chef's cooking prowess and beamed him a smile as she enjoyed the lunch that was served.

To this, Hertha nodded in agreement, echoing Cassandra's opinion. The chef even personally put together the meat congee especially for her. Also, in spite of the taste being light, it was actually so palatable, which was very much to her liking.

Being so observant, Cassandra noticed that Hertha actually ate more than usual. Peering into her face, an idea suddenly came to Cassandra's mind—potentially hiring the capable chef as a private cook just for Hertha.

Even though she didn't say anything about it out loud, Rufus brought it up himself. As husband and wife, there would be times no more words needed to be said between the two for them to understand each other.

"Would you perhaps be interested in working as a private chef? I'm more than willing to double your current salary," Rufus nonchalantly asked the chef, without even sitting on the fence.

Cassandra was leisurely enjoying the food at that moment, so she almost choked up upon hearing him say those words.

Even Hertha was left so dumbfounded that her eyes appeared to have dilated. Truth be told, she actually became a bit worried that they might get thrown out of the hotel right then and there, considering how Rufus had just overtly tried to snatch away one of the hotel's employees.

Given his world-class level of skill in cooking, this chef in particular was quite well-known. Employers would oftentimes be fighting over who would get to hire him. Having said that, he had never really experienced meeting someone who was as straightforward as Rufus was being. This was the very first time he had seen somebody acted so openly like that regarding the issue. And because of that, he was actually rather impressed.

"Sir, surely, you must be pulling my leg," the chef promptly responded, making sure to keep a straight face.

Rufus wasn't the least bit contented with the way he responded, thinking it was nothing but a false pretense. Being very persistent, he asked one more time, "Is it a yes or a no? I would like to hire you as a private cook and give you thrice as much as what you're earning right now."

The chef felt a bit of pressure upon hearing such a b

t happened, thinking that he should've taken them out to lunch instead. That way, he could have prevented his wife from suffering from an allergy.

"Hertha, is this the hospital where they brought Mommy?" Greyson anxiously asked, lifting his chin to look at Hertha, as the two of them walked hand in hand.

Standing at the gate of the hospital, Hertha seemed to be somewhat hesitant to take a step forward. It was as though her legs had gotten stuck in wet concrete.

'Hospital, Jarrod, death...' These words were running in circles in her head.

The image of Jarrod lying on a bed in the cold hospital was so vivid in her mind. Where could she have been? Just what could she have been doing when he closed his eyes and drew his final breath?

What was he thinking before finally leaving the world for good? Was he longing for her at all?

"Hertha, is there something wrong? Are you alright?" Greyson asked out of curiosity, looking so concerned when he noticed how her face had gotten so pale, as if she also wasn't feeling well.

Hertha opened her mouth, planning to come up with an excuse or maybe even just beam him a fake smile. In the end, however, she failed to do any of those things.

Then, she tried to desperately get those thoughts out of her head. After a while of just silently standing still, she leaned over and looked Greyson in the eyes. "Do you really want to go see your mom, Greyson?" she asked him. If there was a way for her to get out of that place right away, she would have gone back to the hotel already.

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