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   Chapter 619 Obedient Greyson

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"Come on, guys, can't you just be nice and have some rest?" Cassandra turned around to stop Rufus and Greyson who were bickering.

'Rufus is an adult, but he plays with Greyson like a child. What would his friends think if they ever see him acting like this?' she thought.

When she finally was free, she joined the two on the couch.

"What are we going to do today?" she asked after a few minutes, looking at Rufus.

"Sorry, I should have reminded you earlier. Today we are going to take Greyson to school," Rufus replied, rubbing Greyson's head.

Cassandra nodded as she thought, 'How would I forget this? Greyson is old enough to go to school.'

"Then what time do you want to leave?" she inquired.

Smiling, he invited her to come along too, "We will leave pretty soon."

With an excited look on her face, she winked her big eyes and said that they hadn't bought the boy a schoolbag and other stuff.

"We can get them nearby the school later, but the first step is to take him to meet his head teacher," Rufus said.

After a moment's thought, Cassandra agreed.

Rufus had entrusted Abbado to find a school for the boy, and he indeed found a great school. But it was far away from the hotel where Rufus and Cassandra were staying.

Abbado had consulted Hertha for her opinion before selecting a school.

After all, Hertha was going to take care of Greyson. Considering that she wanted to live somewhere close to where Jarrod was buried, Abbado had chosen a school in that district.

It took the three quite some time before reaching Greyson's school. As they entered the office, Cassandra took Greyson by the arm and handed him over to his head teacher. "Madam, please take care of him," Cassandra said with a polite smile.

The teacher was an amiable looking, middle-aged woman, a little on the plus-size. Smiling back at Cassandra, she responded, "Don't worry. With me here, he'll be in a safe pair of hands." Her voice was so tender and disarming, she could put even the most anxious guests at ease.

Already, Abbado had finished the processes for the boy's admission. including fee payment in full. They had only come here to get him familiar with the environment.

"You can bring him here tomorrow, and be on time, please," the teacher warmly directed, after a detailed orientation that answered any questions they had.

"Yes, we will. Thank you," Rufus said nodding in agreement. After that, he led Cassandra and the boy out of the office.

"Greyson, from tomorrow on, you'll be coming to school. Are you happy with that?" Cassandra asked with a beaming smile as they left the school compound.

Raising his hands in celebrations, Greyson replied excitedly, "Oh yeah!"

As some thoughts crossed her mind, she said, "At school, I know they'll keep you busy with assignments. You will have to balance your time between play and classwork. Perhaps you will hate school..."

Shaking his head, Greyson responded thoughtfully, "Doing homework must be easier than stealing and begging for money on the street." Then looking even more deeper in thought, he added, "While on the streets, if I came home without any penny, I was often beaten up." For his age, that heartfelt, reflective tone echoed with the words of someone who had seen and been through a lot in his life.

Cassandra felt really sorry for the boy. Rubbing his cheeks, she said tenderly, "No one will hit you again

e looked as pallid as Jarrod before his death.

Cassandra arched her eyebrows as she thought, 'This lady is just as stubborn as Jarrod. Was that why the two were attracted to each other?'

"I'm really fine. Let's go have lunch," Hertha reassured.

"Mommy! Hertha!" Greyson called from outside bathroom. "Why are you not coming out?"

Hertha pushed the door open and left the bathroom. Making her way to Greyson, she said, "We're coming. Let's go get lunch."

Greyson moved forward and held Hertha by the hand. Looking serious, he asked, "Was the baby being naughty?"

Even before Hertha could react to his unexpected words, Greyson approached her belly and said in a low, cute voice, "Be nice, baby. It's really hard for your mommy to be carrying you, so be a good baby. When you are born, I'll play with you."

Cassandra and Hertha exchanged curious looks, struggling to stifle a good hearty laugh. Touched by his gesture of concern, Hertha's emotions went from a stifled laughter to teary eyes the next moment. She reached her hand to touch the boy's head and said tenderly, "The baby will listen to you because he wants to play with you later too."

Greyson nodded and said in a serious tone, "I'll be nice to the baby."

"Come to the table and let's have lunch, or the food will get cold," urged Rufus, finding it hard to laugh at the boy's line of thinking. .

"They say this is their new chef's first day at work here, but he has quite a reputation. Previously, he worked in one of the best restaurants in the US," he said, motioning the three to sit at the table.

"Wow, there is dessert," Greyson exclaimed in delight, his sparkling eyes fixed at the dessert to his left.

Afraid that sweets might be harmful to his teeth, Cassandra hadn't let Greyson eat any lately.

Rufus frowned at the dessert.

Noticing the frown on Rufus's face, the chef who was standing aside came forward.

"Mr. Luo, this dessert is made of cane sugar. Even diabetic patients can eat it," he explained.

When Rufus heard his explanation, the frown on his face faded away.

Greyson didn't know what was going on. Taking a pitiful look at Rufus, he asked in a sweet voice, "Daddy, can I have it?"

"Yes, you can. But just one piece," Rufus replied firmly.

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