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   Chapter 618 Daddy, You Did It On Purpose (Part Two)

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"Where have you been?" Rufus anxiously asked, wearing a frown on his face.

Cassandra raised her hand and beamed him a smile. "To get breakfast for you."

Rufus just rolled out of bed, so his hair was still disheveled. In a sensual tone, he asked, "Why did you get up so early?"

Cassandra instantly replied, "I fell asleep so early last night. And I just woke up after I had enough of sleep."

Then, she went and added, "Where's Greyson? Is he still not awake yet?"

Placing his palm on his face, Rufus turned around to walk back inside the suite.

"He was rubbing his eyes just a moment ago. I think he should be up by now. Why don't you just come in and go check on him."

Cassandra put down the food she bought on the table and told Rufus, "You should go wash your face right away. It's breakfast time!"

Rufus gently nodded his head and quickly went to the bathroom.

Greyson was just quietly sitting under the quilt and staring blankly ahead. When he saw Cassandra by the door, he childishly blurted out, "Mommy!"

As she approached him, Cassandra broke into a smile and asked, "Did you have a good night's rest?"

Rubbing his eyes once again, the little boy paused for a while and answered, "I knew I dreamt about something last night, but now I can't remember what it was about."

With a joyful look on her face, she grabbed a change of clothes for him to put on and said, "That always happens. Don't think too much about it. Reality is almost always better than dreams."

Greyson just watched as his mother was trying to pick out from the stack of clothes, "Mommy, I want to wear the one with the Donald Duck print on it!"

Glancing toward the direction he was pointing, she pulled out a small black coat with the Donald Duck print, "Is it this one?"

Greyson nodded his head and exclaimed, "Yes!"

As she stared at the printed coa

e table.

Lounging on the sofa, Rufus gestured for Greyson to sit next to him.

"Come here, I'm going to massage your belly."

Greyson happily ran toward him and sat on the sofa. Rufus then wrapped his arms around his son and made him lie down.

"Stay still," Rufus told him as he was about to massage Greyson's belly.

Greyson wanted to break free from his daddy's clutch, but he helplessly broke in laughter instead, screaming, "Stop! Stop! Stop!"

Rufus smirked and teased him, "What's wrong? Why are you laughing all of a sudden?"

Crumpling his face, Greyson cried out, "Daddy, you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

Noticing that Rufus was desperately trying his best not to laugh, Greyson got so irritated and yelled to Cassandra, "Mommy, Mommy! Come here quick, Daddy is bullying me!"

Rufus was so quick to move and he instantly covered his mouth. "My dear Greyson, don't rat me out to your mom!"

As he watch his son's futile struggle, Rufus had a great time.

"Greyson, you should see yourself. You really look like a little turtle lying on its back right now."

Intently looking the man straight in his eye, Greyson retorted, "Daddy! If I were a little turtle, then that would make you a giant turtle!"

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