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   Chapter 616 A Cozy Meal

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They were all having such a great time at the table and Greyson's eyes suddenly started to tear up.

He had lied to Cassandra and Rufus before. He was nothing but a liar from the very beginning. Initially, they did not want to be his parents. He only managed to convince them and they had no choice but to accept it.

Finally, Cassandra realized that something was wrong with Greyson. She held his head up and found his red, watery eyes.

"Greyson, what's wrong?" She didn't know why Greyson was crying again.

'Is it because the food is so terrible that he doesn't want to eat, but he's afraid I'll get hurt if he tells me?' Cassandra wondered.

Rufus passed a tissue box to Cassandra. She took out a few pieces and wiped the tears off his little face.

"What happened? Why don't you tell us what's making you upset, sweetie?" Cassandra coaxed gently.

Rufus comforted him as well, "Tell us why you're sad, Greyson."

Hearing their loving words made Greyson cry even harder.

"I'm a liar. I am nothing but a poor, juvenile boy. Why are you treating me so well? You're not even my real parents," he confessed.

All these thoughts had been weighing Greyson down the whole time. Their whole relationship was based on a lie and he had been afraid that they would abandon him all of a sudden.

As she watched Greyson crying so sorrowfully, Cassandra held him in her arms. "Greyson, you're a good boy. Please stop crying, or Mommy will be heartbroken," she reassured him. "To me, you are the sweetest boy in the world. You are absolutely not a liar."

Rufus didn't know how to deal with kids, so he decided to let Cassandra handle the situation.

Cassandra comforted Greyson gently. Eventually, the little boy stopped crying. By the time she looked down, he had already fallen asleep.

Cassandra was surprised to find that Greyson fell asleep so quickly. "I'm taking Greyson to his room. Could you please clean up?" she whispered to Rufus.

Rufus nodded and then asked, "Is he heavy? Do you need help?"

Cassandra held Greyson up and answered gently, "He isn't heavy at all. I can manage."

She then walked toward the bedroom with Greyson in her arms as Rufus started to clean.

Greyson lay on the bed while grasping Cassandra's clothes tightly. Cassandra didn't dare remove his hands for fear that it might wake him.

After thinking about it, she decided to lie next to him and follow him into a slumber.

By the time Rufus walked into the room, both Cassandra and Greyson were sleeping soundly.

He sat by their side helplessly. It wasn't even six o'clock. 'How long are they going to sleep? They haven't taken their showers yet. They will probably wake up in the middle of the night.' Rufus thought.

When Greyson came back with them, Rufus had already asked the hotel staff to arrange a small room for him. Greyson, however, didn't like to sleep by himself. So, he always went to Hertha's room when it was time for bed. Hertha was always willing to sleep beside him, anyway.

Rufus watched them. It seemed unlikely that they would wake up anytime soon.

He then took out a pair of pajamas and headed to the bathroom. Afte

h Jarrod.

What was more, she didn't want anyone to speak of Jarrod. She didn't want to show how fragile and weak she was in front of others, nor did she want to suddenly burst out crying.

"Thanks. I will pay you back soon. I have to go now. Goodbye," Hertha said as she pushed the door open.

The moment she stepped out of the shop, the man held her back by her wrist. Hertha then lost her balance and fell down into his arms.

"Let go of me!" she said as she struggled to escape his grip.

Calmly, he said, "Please don't be scared. I just want to invite you to dinner."

Hertha rejected his request without hesitation. "I'm sorry, I'm not hungry. I also have many urgent things to deal with. Goodbye!"

Harward turned cold. "I've just saved you from a very embarrassing situation. Can't you at least show your gratitude by considering my request?"

A strong urge to throw the white shirt away filled her.

It was, however, so similar to the one Jarrod had used to wear. This made her hesitate to drop it.

Gritting her teeth and after careful consideration, she finally obliged.

"Alright, I'll go with you."

The man finally relaxed. Hertha barely noticed this.

They soon arrived at a very beautiful restaurant. Despite the delicious food in front of her, Hertha found herself without any appetite.

"What's wrong? Don't you like the food?" the man asked.

Hertha didn't answer his question. She seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

However, he was patient enough to repeat the question. Hertha finally heard what he said this time.

Embarrassed, she replied, "I do like the food. It's tasty. There's nothing wrong with it. There are just a lot of things wrong with me. It has been a while since I ate well."

The man couldn't help frowning. "What's wrong? I can tell you are not feeling well."

Hertha smiled. "It's not a big deal. I'll be fine," she assured him.

They continued their meal in silence. Hertha's attitude did not make for good conversation.

No matter how many times he tried to start a topic, Hertha just did not reciprocate the affection.

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