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   Chapter 615 Helping Passengers On The Ferris Wheel

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"Help, please!" several people shouted.

Many tourists were still trapped on the Ferris wheel. Noticing that Rufus and Cassandra had successfully boarded the helicopter, they desperately asked for help.

The man who was flying the private helicopter responded indifferently, "Sorry, this is a private craft. It's not my duty to help you."

He then steered the aircraft away to get ready to leave the area.

Cassandra tugged Rufus's sleeves and said, "We still have seats here. We can't leave them alone."

Rufus already anticipated this. He knew Cassandra would to help those people. 'She is always so kind. This is something I love so much about her, ' he thought.

"Okay. I'm on it," he confirmed. Turning to the pilot, he asked, "Can you do me a favor to give those people a lift?" The man replied, "No problem. Since I've already done my job, I don't mind attending to your request."

With an appreciative smile, Rufus thanked him.

The staff in the amusement park worked unceasingly as they systematically tried to remedy the situation. Still, the tourists who had been stuck were clearly unhappy with their work and efficiency.

They also worried about their own safety.

The pilot steered his craft to a spot close to the passenger carts of the ride, one after another. A few people mustered up some courage and managed to climb aboard. Some, however, were too scared to take a step forward. Terrified, they stood still, unable to move an inch.

Seeing the ones who were too frozen to move, Rufus did his best to console them and tell them to wait until the staff managed to fix the Ferris wheel.

As for those who were finally able to get themselves out of danger, they thanked Rufus and Cassandra profusely as they climbed into the helicopter.

"The one you should be thankful to is my wife. She asked me to save you," Rufus replied truthfully.

The people graciously turned towards Cassandra and expressed their gratitude as well.

The helicopter hovered above the ride and did not leave until the personnel fixed it completely as per Rufus's instruction.

That way, they would be ready to provide aid in case something else happened to the Ferris wheel.

Eventually, the repairs were finished and those who had been trapped were finally rescued.

The helicopter landed on an open field within the park. After the two got off, Rufus turned to Cassandra and asked, "What else do you want to play?"

Cassandra shook her head and replied, "Nothing. I really had a good time here. Now, I just want to have some rest."

Rufus and Cassandra went back to the hotel. When they entered Hertha's room, they saw her and Greyson sitting together on the couch. The boy's eyes were red as if he had just cried.

"What's the matter?" Cassandra inquired as she strode towards the boy and bent over to get a closer look of him. Holding his face in her hands, she asked worriedly, "Did anyone bully you?"

Hertha answered for him, "Greyson said he saw you and Rufus in danger in his dream and he was scared. He has been crying since he woke up. I told him it was not real but he wouldn't believe me."

Cassandra heaved a sigh. Then


Rufus chuckled and responded, "What are you talking about? You're our child. It's our duty to take good care of you."

'But I'm not your real son, ' the boy thought in his head. Greyson started to feel guilty. He initially went to Rufus and Cassandra with ill intentions.

He wanted to trick them into buying him some food. But to his surprise, they treated him as if he was their own child.

Rufus and Greyson proceeded to play with the toys. After a while, Cassandra was done cooking. She emerged from the kitchen with two plates and placed them on the table.

"Rufus, help me with the dishes," she said to her husband.

"Oh Greyson, go check if Hertha is still sleeping. If she wakes up, ask her to join us," she then instructed the boy.

Greyson put the toys away and went to Hertha's room.

Although she slept a lot, Hertha usually didn't sleep so well.

Right now, though, she looked rather peaceful.

Greyson ran out of her room and went back to the suite. He gasped, "Mommy, Hertha is still sleeping."

Cassandra worried when she thought of Hertha's pale face. She decided that she would make soup for her later.

"Go wash your hands," Cassandra said with a sweet smile as she tapped his forehead lightly.

Rufus brought the dishes on the table. 'It's past four o'clock. It's almost dinner time, ' he thought.

"Try these and tell me if you like them," Cassandra said, fixing her eyes on the little boy.

Greyson nodded and began to eat the food Cassandra added to his plate.

"Yummy!" he exclaimed, eyes lighting up. "Mommy is the best cook in the world!" he declared.

Amused by his words, Cassandra beamed widely, "Really? Are you saying these just to make me happy?"

Suddenly, Greyson's expression turned serious. With his chubby face, this made him look even more adorable.

"I'm serious, Mommy. The food is really good!" Greyson confirmed.

Rufus laughed and remarked, "Greyson, you're so cute." Glancing at Cassandra, he continued, "Just like your mom."

Cassandra cleared her throat and said confidently, "That is true. Like mother, like son."

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