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   Chapter 614 An Extreme Sport

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This reminded Cassandra of the baby she'd lost to her miscarriage. A lot of time had passed since then but the wound still felt fresh.

"What's wrong? Why are you suddenly upset?" Rufus asked upon noticing the look on Cassandra's face.

Cassandra shrugged him off. She believed that she and Rufus would have a baby one day—there was no need to rush.

She also knew that Rufus had always dreamt of being a father.

"Cassandra, what else do you want to play?" Rufus asked, looking around.

Cassandra was risky when it came to the amusement park. She usually preferred the scarier ones. But this time around, she just wasn't in the mood for any. Besides, she didn't dare play scary activities all the time.

She was still feeling upset because of the flashbacks of her previous miscarriage.

She pointed to the Ferris wheel as she looked around the amusement park.

She smiled and turned to Rufus, "Let's go on that one."

Rufus could sense that Cassandra wasn't feeling the best. However, he couldn't figure out what was upsetting her.

He was confused but when Cassandra told him she wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, he grabbed her hand and led her there without hesitance.

It was just a Ferris wheel. If she asked to go to the moon, he'd make her a spaceship as long as she was happy.

"I used to just see this on TV. I thought it was very romantic. But now that I've grown older, I start to wonder why people will find all of this romantic. It's just a Ferris wheel, you know..."

Rufus didn't understand what Cassandra was trying to say. So he just remained silent.

He only understood her when she continued, "I used to watch these romantic shows before. They always said that a couple would live happily ever after if they could go on Ferris wheels together."

Rufus wasn't familiar with any of that, but he was still interested in what Cassandra was saying.

Suddenly, Rufus leaned towards Cassandra and kissed her on her lips. He stretched his tongue out and reached into Cassandra's mouth which took her by surprise.

Cassandra then began to kiss him back slowly.

Rufus's lips were thin and pale. Cassandra recalled reading from a book before that people with lips like these were merciless and cold-blooded.

Cassandra thought Rufus was a really good kisser. She wished she could stay in this moment forever. She just wanted to kiss him over and over again until she couldn't keep herself from him anymore.

Rufus was like a kind of drug and Cassandra was addicted. She couldn't ever stay away from him.

"Your mind's elsewhere," Rufus commented, lightly biting her lips.

Glaring at Rufus, Cassandra wrapped her hands around his neck and bit him back as revenge.

Rufus smiled helplessly. He reached out to pu

nnounced via a speaker.

Rufus looked at Cassandra with a smile and said, "Come on, Cassandra."

Even though the helicopter tried to get to them as close as possible, there was still a distance from where Cassandra and Rufus were to the helicopter. They had to climb a ladder to get into the helicopter.

Cassandra was hesitant. She was scared that she might fall off.

There was another person inside that was there to assist them. He threw two ropes down to Cassandra when he saw how scared she was.

"Tie them to your body, and you will be safe. You won't get hurt even if you fall off," the person shouted from above.

Rufus didn't think it was necessary to use the ropes. However, he still decided to tie them to Cassandra for extra safety.

"Cassandra, don't be afraid. We can stay here and wait for the repairmen to fix the Ferris wheel, or we can get into the helicopter and leave," Rufus reassured her gently.

After pausing for a second, Cassandra gritted her teeth and said, "Let's take the helicopter."

Cassandra found it difficult to climb up the ladder to the helicopter from where they were, even though it was just a short distance.

They were so far up and the ladder was swaying because of the wind. Her legs felt like jelly.

Fortunately, she was able to board the helicopter safely.

As for Rufus, he'd been trained in so many things back in the Dark Night Group and that included high altitude jumping.

Safe to say that it was just a piece of cake for him.

"Rufus, I was scared to death!" Cassandra said, rubbing her chest. She was still a bit scared.

Rufus knew it was her first time to experience something like this. This wasn't like bungee jumping or any of the other extreme rides they had gone on in the amusement park. So he was patient in consoling and calming Cassandra down.

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