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   Chapter 613 Don't Be Shy

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"Alright. Don't be shy." Rufus went close to Cassandra and stroke her head.

Annoyed, she threw a glance at him. "I'm not shy!" she shot. She would never admit that she was shy from the young man's comment.

If there was one activity in the amusement park that would test anyone's courage, it would be the bungee jump.

However, Cassandra tended to overestimate her boldness. When she saw people screaming excitedly at the bungee area, she felt just as excited to join.

"Are you sure you want to try that?" Rufus asked skeptically. "I hope you don't change your mind after they dress you up with the full equipment. I remember someone went completely pale just a while ago because she was overconfident," he added.

"I'm sure," Cassandra confirmed. She seemed to have moved on so quickly from the scary game she played just a few moments ago.

Rufus chuckled and said, "All right. If you insist, then let's go."

Just when the station's personnel helped tie the ropes around their waists, Cassandra suddenly had a thought. "Rufus, what would happen if the ropes broke after we took the jump?" she asked, looking at Rufus.

"Do you think dying together is a good way to end our lives?" she added.

Rufus looked at her with a puzzled expression. 'This little woman is so ridiculous! We are just about to jump off a high area and suddenly, she talks about dying. Doesn't she have any idea what she should and shouldn't talk about?' he thought.

Although a part of him was very annoyed at what she had just asked, he still answered Cassandra's question as he normally would. "Of course. That would be an amazing ending, a perfect one, actually. If ever I could end my life with you, I'd have no regrets," he said.

Smiling, Cassandra knew that he was serious. Warmth filled her heart as she smiled back at him. "I feel the same way, Rufus."

The station's staff didn't know how to react to their conversation. It wasn't anything like what they normally encountered. Before their jumps, people often asked for assurance that the rope would be able to support their weight and that it was safe to jump.

It was the very first time that they encountered people who seemed to welcome the possibility of dying, for as long as they were with each other.

"Alright, we're all set. Everything's ready. Hope you enjoy!" said the staff.

It was only then that Cassandra seemed to remember something important. "Oh by the way, is the rope going to break?"

The long-awaited question finally came out. The staff almost wanted to cry. The two were so different from the others.

"No, it's not going to break. We tested the strength of the ropes hundreds of times. You have nothing to worry about," the staff assured her courteously.

"Cassandra, come and let's jump together," Rufus offered as he extended his arms and smiled at her.

Blinking, Cassandra swung herself towards Rufus.

Their jumping point wasn't high. Approximately, it was only as high as three stories.

Holding Cassandra close to him, Rufus whispered into her ear, "Are you ready?"

Peering at the ground, Cassandra felt her legs shake uncontrollably. Suppressing her fear and her excitement, she answered firmly, "I am ready."

"Then let's…jump!" No sooner had Rufus finished his sentence than he leaped forward with Cassandra.

"Ahhh!" the little woman screamed the moment she left the ground.

In her free fall, Cassandra's heart raced.

"Just wait and see. Your dearest darling is going to get the cute fox doll for you."

Rolling her eyes at him, Cassandra replied, "All right. Whatever you say. Use the coin and let's get it over with so we can move on to other games."

Rufus heaved a sigh. Cassandra was being so unsupportive. "Is this how you cheer for your dearest darling?" he remarked as he started to play.

A few seconds later, he exclaimed, "Wow! Look! I got it!" Eyes wide in awe, Cassandra watched the little doll that she craved for slowly rise with the metal arm and drop at the exit.

Rufus grinned as he picked the doll up. "How about that? Come on, aren't you going to award your dearest darling?"

Cassandra had grown immune to his sappiness because of the numerous times she heard Rufus say those words in front of her. Flatly and with a blank face, she conceded, "Well done, my dearest darling."

Of course, this was disappointing to Rufus. "Say it properly!" he complained.

Darting an annoyed glance at him, Cassandra retorted, "I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

Rufus, however, didn't feel offended at all. Rather, he found her response quite amusing. He looked at the dolls she was holding and asked, "You have so many dolls in your arms already. Do you think you can carry one more?"

Cassandra pondered for a while. Although she liked all of them, it was indeed inconvenient for her to carry so many.

"I think I can give them away to the kids!" Cassandra realized.

Rufus nodded. He thought it was a good idea. There were a lot of kids playing in the amusement park and they would surely love the fluffy dolls. These presents would make them very happy.

When Cassandra gave the gifts away, something unexpectedly unpleasant happened.

Some parents grew suspicious of Cassandra's intention and prevented their kids from accepting her gifts.

It didn't bother Cassandra very much, though, as most of the parents were more welcoming and appreciative of her gesture. With delight, they accepted the dolls.

The happy faces of the kids reminded Cassandra of Greyson. Overwhelmed with their joy, warmth and comfort filled her.

Cassandra was convinced that kids had a special power. 'Their smiles must be the most wonderful and beautiful thing in the world, ' she thought.

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