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   Chapter 612 The Lure Of Temptation (Part Four)

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While it was very fun and enjoyable to take Greyson out, he also felt that he and Cassandra needed some alone time together.

Cassandra had been focusing all her attention on Greyson recently, which made Rufus feel a bit neglected.

"Don't you want to spend time with just me?" Rufus asked, sulking.

With a smile, Cassandra answered, "Of course, I do. I know we haven't spent much time together, just the two of us, these past few days."

When she saw a child passing by with a balloon, she suddenly felt excited. "Rufus, do you want to go to the amusement park?" she suggested.

The corners of Rufus's mouth twitched. He found there were more reasons to think Cassandra and Greyson were related. They were both so childlike! They even wanted to do the same things and liked the same things!

Rufus, of course, wanted to give her whatever she wanted.

"All right, we'll go to the amusement park!" He was willing to do anything as long as he could spend some time with Cassandra alone.

With her arm looped around Rufus's, Cassandra happily said, "Let's go!"

When they first arrived at the amusement park, Rufus bought an ice cream cone for Cassandra. He didn't know why but Cassandra seemed to like the ice cream cones here very much. Every time they went out, she would have one, and today was no exception.

Cassandra took the ice cream cone and bit into it, looking satisfied.

"Look! A newly built swing set." Rufus said, pointing at the swing. "Do you want to go on the swing?"

As soon as Cassandra saw the swing set, her eyes shone brightly. Back when she still lived with Granny Grace, they used to have a swing in the courtyard which had been installed for Cassandra.

She used to go on that swing every day in the summertime while Grace would push the swing for her.

The swing would fly high, making Cassandra feel happy and free, like a bird flying in the sky.

She smiled as she recalled the lovely memory in her mind. She ran towards the swing. It wasn't until she sat on it that she realized she had a problem because of the ice cream cone she was holding. She didn't have hands left to hold on the rope because she had an ice cream cone in one hand.

Rufus followed from behind and realized Cassandra's dilemma. He figured he could offer to hold the ice cream cone for her.

However, before he could open his mouth to say something, Cassandra gobbled up the ice cream in two big bites.

Rufus frowned. "Aren't you going to get tooth freeze by doing that?" he asked.

As he expected, Cassandra grimaced. "Ow! It's so cold but at least, I've finished it already."

She lifted her head. "Rufus, push. I want to fly high! High enough to see everything!" she exclaimed.

She sounded so excited.

Rufus did as she requested. "All right."

He was stronger than Grace had been, so he was able to push the swing harder. Cassandra screamed when the swing went so high.

She was so delighted when the cool air met her face every time the swing flew back and forth. She squealed out of excitement, "Ahhh!"

Rufus couldn't help but smile at


Her hair was disheveled and she looked stressed. Her eyes were red from the shock. She looked a bit different and strange but still nonetheless lovely.

Rufus wanted to take a photo of her to tease her more.

Unfortunately, he couldn't reach his phone from the way he was seated and phones weren't allowed during the ride.

He found the feeling of the ride quite interesting. He didn't know what he was thinking but suddenly, he leaned in to kiss Cassandra on the lips.

Cassandra was screaming out loud and she couldn't think at the moment. She couldn't believe Rufus could be teasing her and seducing her in such a situation. 'How could he still be in such a mood in a situation like this? This man can be really overbearing sometimes, ' she wondered.

Cassandra was blushing when Rufus stopped kissing her. She was short of breath from all the kissing.

"At least, nobody saw us," she said, sighing in relief.

Rufus used his finger to point to behind them. When she turned her head, Cassandra found a group of people looking at them.

It was safe to assume that at least a dozen people had seen their kiss just now.

Cassandra was so embarrassed that she wished she could disappear right now. However, she had nowhere to go.

"All right honey. Here we are," Rufus said to her when the ride was finally over.

It was Cassandra who had suggested that they go on the Extreme Rush, and it was also her who looked so pale and scared after.

"You're such a sweet couple. Best wishes for you two," a young man who got off the ride after them said with a smile on his face.

Cassandra was so embarrassed when she heard that because it meant the man had seen them kissing. She forced a smile as a way to be polite to the young man.

"Rufus Luo!" Cassandra cried, partly out of anger and partly out of delight. She was mad because she was embarrassed, and yet, she was happy because strangers were wishing them well.

Ever since she got together with Rufus, other people's blessings were the best gifts she had ever received.

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