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   Chapter 611 The Lure Of Temptation (Part Three)

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After the food he ordered was delivered to the table, Rufus picked out the biggest piece of bone-in meat and passed it to Cassandra's bowl. Cassandra asked, "Haven't I gained weight?"

Rufus eyed her, paused, then sighed, "I wish you would eat more so that you could gain a bit more weight." Despite eating more than usual recently, she still hadn't gained any weight.

While biting the bone-in meat, Cassandra squinted and said, "You know what they say, I can't give up my food or my dreams, of course not!"

Raising his eyebrows and gazing at her, Rufus asked, "Just that? What about me?"

Cassandra fell silent. When she noticed that Rufus looked upset, she couldn't help but feel satisfied. "Of course, I wouldn't give you up either!" she said with a big smile on her face.

Not exactly knowing what the two were talking about, Greyson asked, "And what about me?"

Looking at his little rosy face, smiling, Cassandra answered, "I won't give up Greyson either."

Greyson nodded even though he didn't really know what Cassandra meant. It didn't matter because all he wanted was to be part of whatever it was. After this, he focused on his food again.

The little boy felt sleepy again after eating. "Daddy, can you carry me?" he requested.

He was clever. He knew that Cassandra wouldn't be able to carry him, so he asked Rufus who was much stronger.

Rufus lifted him without any difficulty. Soon, Greyson fell asleep. The afternoon sun was shining bright so Cassandra took her coat off to cover on Greyson.

"Rufus, are we going home now?" she asked. She was feeling a bit tired after shopping all the morning.

Rufus nodded. He had planned to take a taxi, but Cassandra insisted on walking back so they could digest the food they had just eaten.

Fortunately, they weren't very far from the hotel. Otherwise, she was afraid that Rufus would get very tired from walking while carrying Greyson.

Halfway through, Cassandra noticed that Rufus was already sweating. Thinking he was getting tired, she offered to carry Greyson.

Rufus didn't agree. Instead, he explained, "I'm not tired. It's just hot. That's why I'm sweating."

Cassandra was just about to suggest that he take off his coat when she realized how difficult it w

he commented.

Rufus caressed Greyson's cheeks gently. "All right. Go with your mom and look at all your new clothes."

Thus far, Greyson had never had this many new clothes. In fact, he barely recalled getting any new clothing at all. So seeing all these piles of new clothes that belonged to him was like a dream for him.

"Greyson, do you like all your new clothes?" Cassandra asked with a smile on her face when she found Greyson was just staring and seemingly dumbstruck.

Greyson seemed to be in a daze. Cassandra's voice was what snapped him out of his trance. He reached out to touch all his new clothes. They all felt exquisite and luxurious.

He had never dreamed that he would be able to own these kinds of clothes. He had only been used to silently look at clothes from outside the glass wall of shops.

"Daddy, Mommy, thank you," Greyson said, gazing at Rufus and Cassandra, his eyes welling up.

Cassandra pulled him into her arms and stroked his face gently. "You don't need to say thank you to your mom and dad. We should be doing this for you, okay?"

Rufus echoed her, "Now that you have a family, me and your mom, we'll try to give you the best life we can. You'll never have to go back to that tough life of yours like before."

"Rufus, where are we going?" Cassandra asked in confusion. Greyson had been sleeping in the suite when they came out.

Upon hearing her question, Rufus raised his eyebrows. He purposely walked Cassandra out when Greyson was sleeping.

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