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   Chapter 610 The Lure Of Temptation (Part Two)

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Cassandra was trying to get Greyson cleaned up as she spoke, "How much is the total?"

When he arrived at the shop, Rufus noticed Cassandra's gloomy face. Greyson looked aggrieved too and wasn't speaking.

"What happened?" Rufus asked as he handed Greyson and Cassandra each a bottle of milk tea.

As soon as he saw Rufus, Greyson ran towards him and told him how he had been bullied by this other boy. He had his finger pointing towards the rude boy.

Rufus understood right away what had happened and why Cassandra looked so upset when he came in. He turned to saleswoman.

"One hundred thirty-five thousand and three hundred is your total," the saleswoman said hesitantly. "May I ask how would you like to pay? By card or cash?"

Rufus paid with his credit card, then he instructed the saleswoman to have the clothes sent to their hotel.

"Have you bought Greyson everything he needs?" Rufus asked.

Cassandra complained, "He wasn't able to try on anything."

When he saw that the two were still upset, Rufus comforted them, "That's okay. We can go to other shops and we can shop there."

The saleswoman regretted her actions when she heard Rufus say that. She figured Rufus was someone important and someone very well-off—a billionaire even. Now that they were going elsewhere to shop, it would be a missed chance for their shop to make money off the rich family.

Taking in consideration her sales performance, the saleswoman was tempted to convince the family to stay by being polite and warm and welcoming. However, when she saw the look on Rufus's face, she decided against it.

The rich woman seemed to be pissed off but didn't want to anger Rufus because he looked too powerful and scary.

Meanwhile, the naive son of the woman was still insisting that he get the coat from Greyson. His hands were still stretched out towards Greyson, but his mother was able to stop him in time.

"Honey, it's okay, I'll take you to buy something else," the woman said, trying to get her son away from Greyson.

Rufus glared at the image of the mother and the son walking away. This was their first time to take Greyson out for shopping, so he decided to let it go.

When they went to another shop, they were treated very well, pe

ra said with a smile, "We don't have to wait for him. He'll catch up. I can take you to get shrimp balls. Do you like them?"

Greyson had been so used to going hungry that he didn't seem to get full ever, no matter how much he ate. He completely forgot about Rufus when Cassandra mentioned the shrimp balls. With a huge grin on his face, he followed as Cassandra went to look for shrimp balls.

When Rufus found them, they were sitting at a table next to a food stall by the roadside. Rufus was carrying a lot of shopping bags.

He sat next to them as Cassandra continued eating her order of bone-in meat.

"A share of specialty bone-in meat, please," Rufus ordered.

It was only then that Cassandra lifted her head to look at him, but she didn't say anything.

Rufus had just asked her which flavor she liked better while holding a box of Durex condoms. And she had answered without knowing what he was referring to.

If someone had heard them, they would have probably burst into laughter. She was so embarrassed. It was a good thing they were in another country. If anyone they knew had heard that, Cassandra would have gotten so mad at Rufus.

"Come on! Please don't be angry with me anymore. I was just playing with you," Rufus said with a smile.

Cassandra just snorted.

Meanwhile, Greyson seemed to be curious. Shifting his glance between them, he asked, "Is Mommy angry?"

Cassandra patted him on his head. "Mommy isn't angry. Just enjoy your food, Greyson," she said.

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