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   Chapter 609 The Lure Of Temptation (Part One)

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"Greyson, after we buy you some clothes, mom and dad will take you to buy some snacks and toys. Is that okay?" noticing the boy had been staring at the snack zone and the toy zone on the second floor, Cassandra squatted down so that she and Greyson were at eye level and asked in a soft voice.

Greyson nodded excitedly. Then he seemed to look stressed. Furrowing his eyebrows, he asked, "Mommy, Daddy, don't you think I'm getting too greedy?"

He couldn't take his eyes off all the food and toys.

Stroking his head gently, Cassandra answered, "Of course not. Dad and mom have the responsibility to take care of you. Whatever you want, just let us know. Do you understand?"

Greyson lowered his head, deep in thought. When he lifted his head, he spoke in a clear voice, "Because you treat me so well now, I'll do the same to you in the future!"

Rufus couldn't help but chuckle even though he knew he should be touched.

Cassandra had already burst into laughter. She found it adorable when such a young kid would talk about serious things like that, in a serious tone.

"Good boy, Greyson!" Cassandra commented. She felt warm in her heart.

Greyson assumed that Rufus and Cassandra weren't taking him seriously when he saw that they were just laughing aloud. He got annoyed.

Cassandra stopped laughing as soon as she saw the expression on Greyson's face. She nudged Rufus and hinted that he should try to cheer the boy up.

Rufus crouched down in front of Greyson. In a light voice, he said, "We believe you, Greyson. We were just laughing out of happiness."

It was easy to convince a kid. After hearing the explanation, Greyson was relieved right away. Rufus stroked his cheek gently, which made the little boy giggled happily.

It wasn't until then that Cassandra realized something funny. She leaned in to Rufus's ear and whispered, "I just realized what Greyson looks like when his cheeks are all blown up like that."

Raising his eyebrows, Rufus asked in confusion, "What does he look like?"

In a low voice, Cassandra answered, "A squirrel."

Rufus couldn't help but agree. He seemed amused. 'Maybe we should buy some nuts for him, ' he thought to himself.

When he found Rufus and Cassandra whispering to each ot

ould you be so rude? You're such a bad kid!" she said.

When she called the boy rude, the woman behind him seemed to be triggered.

"Who are you calling rude?" she challenged.

The saleswoman rushed in to mediate when she saw that things were getting intense. "Ladies, is there anything I can help you with?"

The woman pointed at the coat Greyson was holding. "My son wants that coat."

The saleswoman recognized the woman as the wife of a well-known local tycoon. She was a handsome spender.

"Sure Ma'am, I'm going to get you another one of that same coat from the stock, okay?" the saleswoman said with a smile on her face.

However, this didn't seem agreeable to the boy. "No, I want the one he's holding!" he demanded.

The saleswoman turned to look at Greyson. She didn't want to upset the son of the rich woman in any way, and Greyson didn't look like he was well-off or the son of anyone important, so she figured that Greyson probably couldn't afford to buy the coat anyway.

Before the saleswoman could say anything, Cassandra said plainly, "My son got it first. We're not giving it to him."

"But can you afford it?" the saleswoman blurted out, somewhat stressed.

Squinting slightly, Cassandra answered, "Pack these clothes for me. I'm taking them all."

The saleswoman was dumbstruck. Each of the clothes Cassandra had chosen was quite expensive. They probably cost more than a hundred thousand Australian dollars in total.

She doubted they could afford them.

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