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   Chapter 608 Adopt Greyson

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Rufus and Cassandra were surprised to find that the lost boy they met yesterday got along with Hertha well.

"Greyson isn't a restless sleeper, is he?" Cassandra asked Hertha, fixing her eyes on the boy fondly. She looked at Greyson as if he were her son.

Hearing this, Greyson started tugging at his clothes nervously.

Observing the anxiety on Greyson's face, Rufus inquired, "What's up? Did he do anything wrong last night?"

Hertha smiled and replied, "No, he didn't. It's just that I found him drooling in his sleep. I think he's shy."

Knowing this, Rufus was amused. "He is just a kid. It's not a big deal," he remarked.

Cassandra looked at Greyson's clothing and thought about buying him new ones.

The four sat together and had breakfast. As expected, Greyson was all they talked about.

Cassandra still was not sure about what to do with him. But since the boy was around, she found it difficult to bring up her concern. She was afraid that Greyson would misunderstand and think that she planned to abandon him.

After breakfast, Hertha told Greyson to play with his toys in the living room. With a serious expression, she turned to Rufus and Cassandra and said, "Come with me. I have something to tell you."

When the three entered her room, Hertha spoke before the couple could start with their own questions.

"I am guessing you know very little about Greyson," she began.

Although she promised to Greyson that she wouldn't tell the couple why he approached them, she decided to fill them in on the boy's background. Otherwise, she was worried that Cassandra would try to go look for his birth parents.

She briefly shared everything she knew about Greyson's history. After hearing her story, both Cassandra and Rufus were wide-eyed with disbelief and surprise.

They found it hard to believe that Greyson could be so sensitive and observant just to survive. After all, he was just five years old.

Rufus recalled his childhood. 'Although Mom and I suffered a lot during that time, I was fortunate enough to have someone who cared about me by my side.

Greyson, though, only had his younger sister who he also lost contact with, ' he thought.

"Why did you tell us that? What are you trying to say?" Rufus asked, frowning.

With a bright smile, Hertha replied, "I am planning to adopt Greyson."

Cassandra immediately objected. "I don't think that's a good idea. You're still single, and you're pregnant. Have you ever thought about that? How are you going to feed him if you adopt him?"

'She still has a long way to go. Perhaps, she will meet someone she loves and eventually gets married. But if she adopts Greyson, she will have to raise two kids and it will be even more difficult for her to find someone, ' Cassandra thought, concerned.

Hertha, however, was a stubborn girl. Once she made a decision, no one could change her mind.

"But you're going back. If I don't adopt him, who will take care of him?" Hertha reasoned flatly.

Without thinking twice, Rufus replied, "Now that he calls me Daddy and Cassandra Mommy, he can live w

ehead and let the topic go.

Soon, they arrived at the mall and found several rides that kids could play on by the front.

Greyson stared at the machines with longing. He grabbed Cassandra's hand and looked at her with wide, twinkling eyes. Although he didn't say a word, Cassandra could tell by the look in his eyes that he was dying to try them.

He looked so cute that Cassandra didn't have the heart to refuse his silent request. She squatted down and put several coins into the machine. Greyson got into the car and giggled happily. Seeing how much he enjoyed himself made Cassandra smile as well.

"I wish that machine were bigger," Rufus, who stood next to his wife, said abruptly. "That way, my other baby could play with Greyson."

Cassandra turned to look at him. With a puzzled glance, she asked, "Other baby? When did we have another child?"

Rufus raised an eyebrow and teased playfully, "I was talking about you."

Her cheeks flushed pink. Since Greyson was around, Cassandra could only give him a pinch on the waist as a punishment.

"Did you have fun, Greyson?" Cassandra inquired when she saw the boy leave the machine.

Nodding his head non-stop, Greyson replied with glee, "I love it so much! When I find my sister, I will bring her here to try this too!"

Cassandra felt touched at his words. 'He is still a kid who can barely take care of himself. Yet, he never forgets his sister and he is determined to someday share good things with her, ' she thought as she looked at the boy tenderly.

Rufus took out some tissues and wiped the sweat off of Greyson's forehead. In a mellow tone, he promised, "I'll help you find your sister. You have my word."

Located in the busiest area of the city, the mall was crowded with people.

Cassandra held Greyson by the hand as she continued to remind him to stick with her to avoid getting lost.

Greyson followed her request obediently as he held onto her hands. Meanwhile, he was looking around curiously and excitedly.

Watching them, Rufus could not help but smile fondly.

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