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   Chapter 606 He Was Called Dad

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The boy raised his head to look at Cassandra. "I have my daddy! I won't get lost. And Daddy won't feel sad." Then he gave Rufus a kiss on the cheek.

Cassandra was surprised. Rufus was taken aback too. His cheek felt moist. He didn't know what to make of it but at the very least, he wasn't irritated.

The boy then looked at Cassandra. He leaned in and gave Cassandra a kiss on the cheek too.

After a momentary silence, Rufus suddenly said, "Why don't we just take him back? I kind of like him."

Cassandra shook her head. She had been telling herself that they couldn't keep the kid because he belonged to another family and they couldn't take him away just like that.

She continued waiting for someone who would come looking for Greyson while Rufus and the boy went outside to play and eat.

"Daddy, how does this work?" Greyson asked curiously while showing Rufus a water gun.

Rufus took it over from him with a smile on his face. Then he answered, "You have to fill it with water first, then you can pull this and it'll start spraying water."

Greyson widened his eyes in excitement. "I want to play! I want to play! Daddy!" he said eagerly.

Rufus looked around the area and decided that they couldn't play here because everything looked old and historical. They couldn't damage anything.

"We can play when we get back home!" Rufus suggested. He picked up a Transformers model and handed it to Greyson. "Look, Greyson. We can play with this one first. Come on, play with Daddy!"

he blurted out. He was a bit surprised himself when he realized he had just referred to himself as a dad. He beamed as he played with Greyson.

"Daddy, who's your favorite hero?" Greyson asked as Rufus fiddled with the limbs of the Transformers model. "The Spider Man, or the Hulk, or Ultraman?" he continued.

Rufus tilted his head and thought for a while. It wasn't until then that he realized he didn't know much about the names Greyson mentioned. He had had a tough childhood. When he was old enough, he joined the Dark Night and spent his days and nights training.

Greyson waited for Rufus's answer, looking at him every now and then.

Unable to give an answer, Rufus asked, "Well who's your favorite hero?"

Greyson widened his eyes. "My favorite hero is daddy," he said.

It had been a very special experience and his very first time since the little boy started to call him dad. And it just softened his heart.

Suddenly, Rufus thought of Cassandra's miscarriage. If things hadn't gone wrong, they would have had a child by now.

"Daddy, please don't leave me," Greyson said. After all the eating and playing, he grew tired and was feeling sleepy now.

Stroking the boy's head with his hand, Rufus asked, "Are you sleepy?"

Greyson nodded and stretched, yawning. "Hug me, Daddy. I want to take a nap."

Rufus picked him up and said in a low voice, "Go ahead. You can sleep. When you wake up, we can go get some meatballs to eat."

Rufus was nodding along to what Cassandra was saying, he pursed his lips and finally agreed to receive the injection.

It was pretty normal for a kid to get scared of injections. Even Cassandra wouldn't want to get an injection.

In fact, getting injections was something that Cassandra was most scared of. She feared it more than anything else.

"Greyson, don't get scared. The pain will be gone as soon as it comes!" With Greyson on her lap, Cassandra covered his eyes with her hand, so that he wouldn't see the needle pricking his skin.

Greyson gritted his teeth, holding his tears back.

When the nurse came in, she saw how stressed Cassandra was getting.

"Take it easy. Relax," the nurse said in a soft voice. She might have intended that for Greyson but she might as well have said that to Cassandra too.

Cassandra couldn't even look at the needle, so she turned her head and closed her eyes as she mumbled, "Greyson, don't be scared. It's almost done, almost done."

Even though Greyson tried so hard to hold his tears back, a needle pricking through the fragile skin was just too much for a kid. So when the needle broke through his skin, he bellowed, "Daddy! Mommy! It hurts!" Cassandra felt as if someone stabbed her heart when she heard Greyson cry.

Rufus had grown fond of the boy after spending the afternoon with him. He, too, looked pained when he heard him cry.

"Good boy, it's almost done."

Unfortunately, that wasn't true.

Greyson kept crying in pain. It seemed that Cassandra was about to burst into tears too. Rufus was the only one who was calm, so he tried his best to comfort the two—Greyson and Cassandra.

Finally, it was over. Greyson's face was wet with tears. He threw himself into Rufus's embrace right away. "Daddy! It hurts so much!" he mumbled.

Rufus held him in his arms. In a soft voice, he tried to comfort Greyson, "It's all right. You're okay now. It's all over. You'll feel better in no time."

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