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   Chapter 605 A Little Boy (Part Two)

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Rufus let out a loud laugh. He reached out his hand and rubbed the boy's little head. "Oh, my silly boy!" he exclaimed, half-joking.

Seeing what Rufus was doing, Cassandra was at a loss for words. She leaned in and whispered to his ear, "Can you stop it? We need to find his parents for him. They must be already looking for him. He's missing."

Rufus whispered back, "The most important thing is to get him to calm down. We can't help him if he just keeps crying. Just chill." It looked like he knew what he was doing.

Cassandra rolled her eyes at him and asked, "Then what's your plan? You'd better hurry up."

But she was interrupted by the boy. "I'm hungry. Can we get something to eat?" he asked. Apparently he had taken Rufus seriously and really believed that they were his parents.

Rufus and Cassandra exchanged glances. Cassandra didn't know what to do but Rufus did. "We'll go out for a bite. He won't calm down if he's hungry," he suggested.

Cassandra agreed but asked in an annoyed tone, "What if his parents come looking for him? It'll just make things more complicated because they'll wonder why the hell we're taking their kid out for a bite."

To which Rufus replied, "Then I'll take him to get something to eat while you stay here. You just look around and if anyone comes looking for him, you can call me and I'll bring him back right away."

The little boy was just looking back and forth between them.

Cassandra could hear the grumbling in his stomach. She rubbed the boy's cheeks and said to Rufus, "Okay. Take good care of him. Don't let him out of your sight."

Rufus nodded and took the boy in his arms. Greyson was three or four years old. His skin was soft and he smelled of milk. "Daddy, I love meatballs and I want meatballs!" the little boy said as they walked to the door.

Rufus said, "Okay, Greyson. We'll go

hen we'll buy all the things you want." Greyson responded by giving him a hug and a smile. Rufus never realized that he actually had a knack for taking care of kids.

After they left the pharmacy, Rufus bought everything that Greyson wanted just like he promised.

He felt fulfilled when he saw the smile on Greyson's face. It made him feel good to have someone trust him and depend on him.

When they came back for Cassandra, she was still waiting in the same spot, eyebrows furrowed.

"No one came for the boy," she said as soon as she saw them.

She rubbed Greyson on the head and said, "Where are your parents? Haven't they realized that you're missing? Parents like that shouldn't be parents!" While she really liked Greyson, she still had to find his parents. She couldn't just take this boy with them.

Greyson winked at them and replied, "You're my mommy and daddy. Are you going to leave me? Don't leave me again!"

Cassandra smiled as she shook her head, "You're so cute, Greyson. But your parents aren't going to be very happy to hear that. Can you describe to me what they look like?"

The boy wrapped his arms around Rufus's neck and pouted his lips, saying, "Here, this is my daddy! He's holding me in his arms!"

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