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   Chapter 603 Sweetness (Part Two)

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"Would you mind us doing that too?" she inquired, a sparkle in her eyes. "It would be fun to go back home knowing that we've left a testimony to our love somewhere on Australian soil. Plus, who knows? Maybe these weird unscientific stuff might work, to our surprise," she added.

Studying how genuinely interested she was, Rufus agreed, nodding like he too fancied the idea.

Very soon, the tea they had ordered was served along with mouth-watering desserts.

Cassandra picked up a pink flower cake and took a mouthful with relish. Then she sipped the scented tea and savored its sweet, indescribable flavor.

"Rufus, why don't you try it?" she asked in confusion when she noticed he hadn't touched the desserts or tea.

Smiling, Rufus answered, "I was once allergic to some type of plant as a kid. Now, I'm not sure which particular plants go into their recipes, so I'm a little hesitant. The dessert might backfire on me."

"Oh, that's unfair on you," she said, looking downhearted at his misfortune. "The tea is amazing, and the desserts are simply out of this world. It's a pity you can't taste any."

Rufus raised his eyebrows and said, "Not exactly."

Before Cassandra realized what he meant, he moved close and began to kiss her passionately, his tongue dashing around inside her mouth, where the sweetness of the flower cake still lingered.

Only a magazine rack about four feet high and three feet wide separated their view from the occupied seats, and Rufus took advantage of that. Cassandra was uneasy but she dared not make any sound or movement.

She knew that the more she struggled, the more likely it would be for someone to notice them. And so Rufus got what he wanted without much difficulty.

Of course, Rufus knew there was the off chance that someone would figure out what they were doing behind the magazine rack. But since this was a place more popular for c

d to her with a mysterious smile. "That's a secret. I will show you the answer when we come back here on our anniversary."

Blinking, Cassandra agreed with him, "Okay. That sounds great."

While stroking her head gently, Rufus said, "In the meantime, you write yours, and I won't look at it now. At least, we can reserve that to build our anticipation on our first anniversary, which we must celebrate here again."

With a nod, Cassandra said, "Then don't forget to bring me here next year!"

Then each of them picked up a red ribbon from the side.

"Honey, give me your hand," Rufus said, affection filling his eyes, and a red ribbon in his hands.

Cassandra felt her heart skip a beat. As requested, she stretched out her hand to Rufus.

Lowering his head, Rufus tied the red ribbon around her wrist carefully. It looked good around her fair wrist.

"All right, done!" Rufus declared, raising his eyes to look at Cassandra, a warm smile on his face.

It was her turn to carefully tie the ribbon she had picked up around his wrist just as he had just done to her.

The two ribbons resembled the shape of two hearts that was connected by an ethereal thread. No matter where they were, they would always keep each other treasured in the heart.

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