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   Chapter 602 Sweetness (Part One)

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As soon as he tore Cassandra's dress apart, Rufus felt a dull pain on his lip. She softly bit his lip in revenge.

"Rufus Luo! You're not drunk at all!" Cassandra complained, a threatening glare in her eyes. How could he manage to pull such a stunt, if at all he was indeed drunk?

Since his desire was aroused, Rufus didn't respond to her complaint at all. Instead, he undressed himself, then did the same to Cassandra in a rush. Then licking the corners of his mouth with a mischievous smile, he hugged her tightly and gave a gentle rub on her back.

In the bathroom, Rufus was excited as usual about having bath together with his wife. But today, Cassandra was a little too tired to enjoy their time.

So Rufus did all the heavy lifting, bathing her as gently as he could. After that, he wrapped her with a towel and carried her back to the bedroom.

The next morning, before Cassandra got up, Rufus promised he would take her out today, without revealing further details.

Hertha also had some business to attend, so she left the hotel after informing Rufus and Cassandra. Although Cassandra was hesitant about her going out alone, Rufus explained that they should understand that Hertha needed personal time too.

It perfectly made sense, so Cassandra acquiesced in his decision to let Hertha go unaccompanied.

"Rufus, where on earth are you taking me to?" Cassandra asked out of curiosity as they lazed around the market after Rufus took her out for breakfast.

"I'm sure you will like the place very much," Rufus answered, smiling.

"Not necessarily," Cassandra said, pouting with feigned annoyance. She wanted to find out more.

However, when they finally arrived at the place Rufus referred to, Cassandra was blown away.

"This is the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria?!" Cassandra guessed, surveying the place in sheer joy.

"I guess you must like this place," nodding, Rufus said, a smile

irl said. With a witty smile coloring her face, she added, "I haven't seen a guest from my homeland for quite a long time. Welcome and I'm so glad to have you here."

Cassandra smiled back, impressed by the girl's graceful manner.

After they ordered food, the girl left their table to resume her normal duties.

Looking around the restaurant from where she sat, Cassandra pointed at something, wondering what it was.

Rufus looked to the direction she pointed at and saw a section of the wall posted with photos and notes. Beside the photos and notes were beautifully arranged red ribbons.

"That's called a wishing wall or marriage wall," Rufus patiently explained. "Lovers who come here together may post their photo on the wall, write their wishes on a note and place it along with the photo. They are then given a red ribbon each to tie around the wrist of their better half. It's a tradition that has been here for some time. It is believed that all wishes posted on that wall can be fulfilled.

It's not some scientific stuff, you know, but still gets a lot of people trying. I guess partly for fun, and partly for the sheer love of expressing commitment to each other."

While he explained, Cassandra saw quite a few couples posting and really having a blast.

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