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   Chapter 601 A Drunken Night

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When Hertha heard Rufus mention that he and Cassandra were planning to go back home, a flicker of emotion finally started to show on her face. "Have you decided?"

Rufus nodded. "Yeah. We've been here too long. I think it's time for us to head on home."

Hertha nodded weakly. Sorrow silently crept on her face. "Are you coming back?"

The moment she asked, Cassandra stepped into the room and heard the question. Smiling warmly, she answered, "Yes, of course!"

Rufus squinted and said, "You two have a nice chat. I'll give you some space. Later let's go out and grab a bite."

Cassandra looked at her husband. "Sure. You can choose the place for us."

After Rufus left the room, Hertha raised her head to look at Cassandra. A flash of envy could be seen in her eyes. "The two of you are so good together. I'm happy for you."

Cassandra reached out and held Hertha's hands; she had a concerned look on her face. In just a span of a few days, Hertha's weight loss was showing.

"Hertha, have you thought about it?" Cassandra's tone was serious. "Have you planned about your future?"

Before Hertha could respond, Cassandra continued, "You're still really young. You never know what's in store for you in the coming years. Maybe you'll meet a lot more people. Perhaps you'll find someone so interesting that you'll decide to marry him. So please think long and hard before you decide whether to keep the baby or not."

After Cassandra finished speaking, Hertha fell into a deep silence. After contemplating for a while, she snapped back to reality and replied, "Thank you for your concern, Cassandra. But I am going to keep the baby. This is Jarrod's legacy. I won't just discard it so easily. No matter what happens, I'll accept all the consequences."

Cassandra sighed deeply, not really sure how to respond. She, too, once had a baby. She knew how amazing it felt to have life growing in one's belly.

Furthermore… above anything else, the baby was innocent.

"Okay. I won't persuade you to abort the baby anymore. If you ever come across any problems at all, please don't hesitate to contact me or Rufus. We're both here for you, I promise."

A gentle smile started to form on Hertha's lips. "You've helped me more than you can ever imagine. I'm more than grateful."

Cassandra quickly changed the topic. The more they discussed the topic, the sadder she felt.

"Hertha, is there any place you've always dreamt of visiting?" Cassandra asked her casually.

Hertha pondered for a bit before answering, "I heard that there's a mountain called Mt. Changbai in China. I would love to go see it."

Finding Hertha's answering out of the ordinary, Cassandra asked, clearly intrigued, "Why would you want to go there?"

Flashing a shy smile, Hertha answered, "Well...I've heard that in the winter, the entire mountain is blanketed in snow all the way up to the summit. It must be a breath-taking scene to witness."

Cassandra couldn't help but laugh out loud in delight. "And here I thought you were affected by a book as well."

Confused, Hertha looked at Cassandra quizzically. "What book?"

Before Cassandra could elaborate further, their conversation was stopped short by Rufus.

"You girls hungry?" R

iggling?" Unfazed, Rufus studied the giggling little woman.

His action betrayed his earlier deception. Having caught it, Cassandra immediately stopped laughing and asked, "Wait, you're not drunk?"

Rufus rubbed his head again and grumbled, "What? Cassandra. Cassandra."

Cassandra started to pout. "Look at you. You smell like alcohol. Let's shower."

Though she said they could shower together, she was actually reluctant to do so. Once Rufus showered, her masterpiece would be washed away. 'What a waste!' she thought.

However, she also knew long exposure to paint was bad for Rufus's skin. Damaging his perfect skin was also unacceptable!

"Hmmm...Never mind. Let's just wash it away," Cassandra murmured as she dragged Rufus to the shower.

Rufus, of course, wouldn't miss this perfect opportunity to be intimate with Cassandra. He intentionally leaned in on some of her more private areas. Cassandra, on the other hand, was only thinking about getting the drunk man in the shower, so she was none the wiser.

Eventually, Cassandra managed to take Rufus near the bathtub as she started to fill it with warm water. She then started to take off Rufus's clothes for him.

But before she could take anything of the man, she was suddenly pushed into the tub.

Rufus's body was on Cassandra in a blink of an eye. Cassandra was actually wearing a dress. After getting wet, her panties were clearly visible. Her sexy curves were outlined which quickly aroused Rufus.

"Cassandra..." Rufus called out her name seductively; his eyes were filled with desire.

Cassandra bit her lips and blurted out, "Rufus Luo! Are you really drunk or are you just pretending to be drunk?!"

Rufus answered with a passionate kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth and their desired melded into one.

While he was busy with her tongue, his hands started to take off her dress. It was a fitted dress, so his attempts at taking it off failed. In a rush, he tore it apart, revealing her beautiful smooth skin underneath.

Normally, a woman would forbid any man from touching two things in her life. One was her make-up. The other would be her favorite dress.

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