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   Chapter 600 Avenge Jarrod

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Rufus and Cassandra grew silent when they heard Hertha's answer—they didn't know what to do. They decided to leave the room so that they could discuss privately what they could do to help Hertha out.

"What should we do, Rufus? Do you have any ideas?" Cassandra asked.

Rufus narrowed his eyebrows and responded, "If she agrees to come with us, it will be much easier for us to keep her father from finding her."

Cassandra bit her lower lip. With a troubled look on her face, she said, "But the problem is she doesn't want to leave."

Rufus shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yeah, that's the problem. If Hertha stays here, her father will find her. I'm sure she'll spend most of her time at the cemetery, where Jarrod is. She can easily get caught by her father's guards."

Cassandra pursed her lips and said, "Rufus, I know you're resourceful. Come on, there has to be another way."

Rufus sighed, "Okay, I'm trying."

"I still have no clue," Rufus said after a long pause.

Cassandra looked back at him as if she didn't know him. She exclaimed, "What's wrong with you? Where's that smart man that I know? You don't even have any ideas at all?"

Rufus rubbed his temples when he felt a headache coming. Suddenly, a male voice met their ears.

"I have an idea," Allen chimed in.

Rufus turned to the direction where the voice came from. In a displeased tone, he said, "Doctor Allen, don't you know it's rude to eavesdrop?"

Allen took out a lollipop and started licking it. With a playful expression on his face, he looked at Rufus and replied, "Sorry then. But it's too late. I already heard you guys."

Rufus's eyes was filled with distaste as he thought, 'Allen's such a jerk. How come no one has killed him yet? Maybe, the people here are too kind and too forgiving.'

Despite Cassandra's dislike for Allen, she couldn't help but find herself asking him, "Okay, what's your plan?"

Allen glanced at Rufus before speaking. "I can take care of her. I'm quite a big name here in Melbourne. No one would touch her as long as I'm protecting her. She'll be completely safe," he said nonchalantly.

Rufus had almost expected Allen to propose something worth considering—but he was mistaken.

He glared at Allen before heading out of the clinic with Cassandra.

The air was fresh and pleasant since it had just rained; however that also meant that the dirt road could be slightly slippery. Rufus reminded Cassandra to be careful as he guided her along the path.

Comforted by breeze, Cassandra started to ponder on Hertha.

'What does Hertha's father do? Who does he want her to marry?'

"Rufus, once we've helped Hertha settle in, we should go back home," Cassandra suggested.

Their original itinerary was to fly to several more countries since this was their honeymoon. Melbourne was only their first stop.

Cassandra was suggesting that they cancel the re

t seemed he had already taken care of everything.

Snuggling up next to Rufus, Cassandra asked, "What did you do with Hertha's father?"

Rufus rubbed her head and replied, "Jarrod's father died after getting tortured. He ended up the same way Jarrod's father did."

Cassandra pressed her lips together, uncertain whether to fill Hertha in on this. Then she decided that the girl deserved to know, after all, he was still her father.

Before she and Rufus could tell Hertha what had happened to her father, Hertha surprised them with the results from her recent check-up.

They initially thought that Hertha had lied to her father that she was pregnant with Jarrod's child. But it turned out that they were wrong.

"Hertha, you're carrying Jarrod's child..." Cassandra exclaimed in delight. However, Cassandra immediately realized something. 'She's so young and she has such a long way to go. If she has the baby, she's going to be a single mother. How is she going to do that?'

Hertha seemed to sense Cassandra's concerns. She caressed her stomach and thought, 'I can't believe I'm going to be a mother soon. This is my child with Jarrod.'

"I'm having the baby. I'll raise it to be a good person," Hertha said, smiling as she looked over to Cassandra.

Overcome with a mixture of feelings, Cassandra asked worriedly, "But how are you going to support yourself and the baby?"

'Hertha doesn't have any money. If she has the baby, how is she going to feed herself and the baby?'

Hertha hadn't thought it all out yet but she seemed hopeful. She replied, "Everything will be fine."

Rufus and Cassandra noticed that Hertha was starting to become stable. They then began to prepare for their return trip.

They had already spent more than half a month in Melbourne so they had to cancel the rest of the trip. Besides, Victor had been in charge of the business for so long and he was starting to get worn out.

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