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   Chapter 599 Protect Hertha!

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As soon as they arrived, Rufus noticed that Abbado was nowhere to be found. But then he quickly realized that Abbado had left to find some help.

It obviously wasn't easy to get these many people to help.

"Mr. Su, are you leaving anytime soon or do I have to ask you to leave?" Rufus said, a fake smile plastered on his face.

Hertha's father looked sullen. He really didn't want to do it this way. That was why he had only brought several men this time. He was determined to get his revenge on Rufus next time.

After he left with his people, Cassandra reassured Hertha, "Alright, your father already left. He won't take you away with him anymore."

Hertha's eyes turned red. She looked at Rufus and thanked him in a very gentle voice.

At that moment, Abbado walked over to them. "What do you think? Were they helpful?"

Rufus glanced at the group and raised his eyebrows. "How did you manage to find so many helpers?"

Abbado laughed. "I hired them. Fifty per person."

Rufus was speechless.

Abbado was still laughing. "Oh're the one paying for them."

A muscle twitched at the corner of Rufus's mouth upon hearing that. He really didn't know what to say. However, as far as he was concerned, anything that could be handled with money was not a big deal at all.

Cassandra was just whispering to Hertha, trying to reassure the girl until she finally calmed down a bit.

"Hertha!" Cassandra suddenly cried. Hertha passed out in Cassandra's arms. Cassandra then realized that the reason why she had calmed down was because she was too weak to cry.

Cassandra placed a hand on the girl's forehead only to find it burning hot.

"Rufus, she has a fever. Hurry up, we need to take her to the hospital," Cassandra said anxiously as she raised her head to look at Rufus.

Rufus automatically looked at Abbado who understood what he meant right away. Abbado assisted in holding up the unconscious Hertha.

"Go find the nearest clinic," Rufus said to Abbado.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at a clinic. Rufus had a strange look on his face as he looked around the seemingly familiar clinic.

"Hello, Cassandra and Rufus. I haven't seen you two in so long. Good to see you again," Allen greeted them as soon as they arrived.

It looked like Abbado and Allen were friends. He urged Allen, "Hurry up. She's burning. You have to get her in for a check-up right away."

Allen instantly took out a thermometer and put it in Hertha's mouth. He then looked at the other three adults who were dripping wet and chuckled, "Do you guys need to take a shower here and get changed?"

Rufus still didn't get over what had happened last time. He responded coldly, "No, thanks."

Cassandra wondered, 'Last time I checked, Allen was a vet. How could he be of any help to a human?'

Allen seemed to notice Cassandra's confusion. He explained, "I'm not just a vet. I'm also a doctor. Like a human doctor."

After a few moments of silence, Abbad

o yourself."

Hertha looked at her in confusion. "Jarrod didn't like me anymore, did he? All he wanted was you, right?"

Cassandra vigorously shook her head and denied Hertha's assumption, "Of course not. I am married and this is my husband. Jarrod was more like a brother to me and my husband."

Hertha didn't know what to make of this.

After a momentary pause, she grabbed Cassandra's hands as if she'd just thought of something and started to beg, "Please, help me! Please!"

Cassandra said, "Just tell me what you need. We'll try our best to help you."

Hertha gazed back at her. Her eyes were mourning. "Please keep me away from my father. He's going to take me back and force me to marry someone I don't love. I don't want that. Please help me."

Rufus was hesitant. This was, after all, a family business. He, as an outsider, wasn't supposed to interfere.

Cassandra was hesitant too. However, when she saw the look on Hertha's face, she softened. "Yes, of course, we'll help you. Do you want to go with us?"

Hertha nodded immediately. "Sure. I'll go with you anywhere as long as my father isn't there."

Cassandra sighed. Family was supposed to be caring and loving. However, Hertha's father didn't seem to love and care for her. All he wanted was to control her.

Hertha was relieved when Cassandra told her that they were willing to help her. However, as if she'd just realized something, her eyes widened. "No, I can't go back to China with you. I need to stay in Melbourne."

Cassandra didn't understand what she meant. "What do you mean, Hertha?"

The girl averted her gaze and looked outside the window. "Jarrod's here. I need to stay with him. I'm not going anywhere."

Cassandra didn't know how to respond. After all, they didn't know that many people here in Melbourne except for Abbado.

Hertha's father, on the other hand, had lived in Melbourne for years. It might be difficult for them to protect and hide Hertha if she stayed here.

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