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   Chapter 598 I'm Pregnant (Part Two)

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Rufus frowned, but he did have an idea. He walked towards the girl on the ground, took off his coat and covered her head with it.

Cassandra was satisfied with this. But she realized it wasn't only the rainfall, but also the cold pavement. It must've been uncomfortable.

Hertha was too stubborn to heed her advice and stand up.

While she was thinking of possible solutions, the sound of cars suddenly came through. Raising his head to the direction of the noises, Rufus saw several cars closing the distance. Some people got off the cars and walked towards them in quick succession, each with an umbrella in hand.

Leading the group was a middle-aged man. The man walked straight towards them without stopping until he reached Hertha's side.

After glancing at Rufus, who was shielding Hertha from the rain, the man muttered in a flat tone, "Thank you."

Sensing the delicate position he was in, Rufus stepped aside. Cassandra was also wet from the constant rainfall, so he was worried about her health too.

"Hertha, isn't that enough? It's time for you to come home," with an umbrella in hand, the middle-aged man spoke with barely contained fury in his voice.

"Daddy, look. Jarrod's right in front of you," Hertha said, raising her head to look at her father. Damp from the rainwater, her face looked pure and innocently beautiful—different from the sultry attractiveness she usually portrayed.

As a gust of cold wind blew, Cassandra sneezed.

Rufus was alarmed. "Have you caught a cold?" Had he not been afraid of a possible conflict between Hertha and the middle-aged man, he would have already taken Cassandra away from the place.

They were, after all, standing in front of Jarrod's grave. If they dared cause a ruckus right here, he would definitely not t

er, it was a difficult request. While he was wracking his mind for an excuse to keep Hertha from being taken away, Hertha suddenly spoke. "I am with child. It's Jarrod's," she blurted out, emphasizing every word.

As soon as he heard that, Hertha's father lost all composure he had left. "How far along are you? We will abort that baby as soon as possible!"

Hertha forced a smile on her pure, pale face. "I will never get rid of this baby unless I die," she defiantly declared.

That gave Rufus a perfect excuse. "Now that she's bearing my younger brother's child, she is now part of the family. I can't just let someone take my family away."

After taking a pause for dramatic effect, he added, "If you dare touch the child, I won't let you go easily."

Despite in the company of bodyguards, Hertha's father lost face. He was furious. Next thing they knew, another group of people arrived.

Cassandra was confused to see so many people arriving. She had no idea what was happening.

All the new comers were local folks. They all had a common feature, and that was they all looked unfriendly.

The numerical superiority Hertha's father boasted was now gone in an instant.

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