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   Chapter 597 I'm Pregnant (Part One)

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Cassandra felt numb. She had lost track of how long she stood on the same exact spot. Finally, like waking up from a daydream, she snapped back to reality and grabbed Rufus's hand. "Rufus, let's go and say goodbye to Jarrod..."

The face of the body on the bed was covered by a white bed sheet. Cassandra tried to calm her quivering hands. She mustered enough courage, and then steeled herself to lift up the bed sheet.

"Jarrod..." her voice broke as she called his name softly. "A new day is arriving. You have to get up."

The young man's face was as pale as a ghost. Cassandra noticed the beautiful small details like his long eyelashes. It looked like he was just sleeping soundly.

It was only yesterday that he was alive and well. In a blink of an eye, he passed on. She just had this hard time of accepting reality.

These thoughts clouded her mind, quickly resulting in a steady flow of tears. She had always seen Jarrod as her younger brother, so the sight of him unmoving and unbreathing broke her.

Rufus felt his heart twinge at the sight of it all—his wife grieving and the young boy's body unmoving.

It wasn't for the first time he had seen a corpse. He had witnessed scenes much more horrific than this.

However, it was for the first time he had felt disturbed by someone's death. Jarrod didn't seem to have had a painful death. His face was calm and peaceful, almost clean. Rufus remembered that Jarrod's smile was as gentle as a cotton tree rustling in the breeze.

"Cassandra." Rufus wiped the tears trailing down her cheeks with a handkerchief he kept in his right pocket. He meant to console her and possibly stem the flow of tears, but he soon realized it was an impossible feat. She had to vent the great sorrow she

er leave me. You said that you would always hold my hand and you wouldn't ever give up whatever came our way.

But it all turned out like this, you liar. You did leave me in the end.

Jarrod, please come back. Please wake up. Lie to me again for the rest of my life. I don't mind. Please lie to me again…' she thought.

Hertha's scream was lost in the midst of the sound of rain.

Both Rufus and Cassandra were worried about her condition. She looked frail. The extreme sadness she was feeling right now could make her ill.

"Hertha, please take care of yourself. It's starting to rain heavily. You may fall ill if you keep prostrating yourself like this," Cassandra said, pleading for her to stand up away from the ground.

However, it all fell on deaf ears. Cassandra couldn't possibly sway her right now. Helpless, she just turned around and looked at Rufus. In a low voice, she ordered, "Go get an umbrella."

Hearing that, Rufus winced. A shop would be hard to come by in such a remote place, not to mention an umbrella.

Cassandra caught on. She too was distressed. "Umbrellas aren't available here… What can we do then?" she mumbled to herself.

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