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   Chapter 595 A Nightmare (Part One)

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Squinting his eyes, Rufus leaned in closer and whispered to Cassandra, "No matter what happens from now on, try to keep yourself calm."

Without saying anything, Cassandra simply stared at him with a look of confusion on her face. Given that there was no time for him to explain everything to her in detail, he decided to just grab her hand and ran, heading toward their right side.

'Wouldn't it be better to get out of here by using the exit? It was just right in front of us, so why didn't Rufus go there directly, and instead, brought us to a different direction?' With that in mind, Cassandra became even more baffled.

Be that as it may, she just quietly followed Rufus as the two of them took an alternative route without voicing out her opinion.

Even though a lot of supposedly frightening ghosts turned up from time to time in order to startle the visitors in the haunted house, Cassandra was no longer fazed by that in any way. Maybe she had already gotten used to it or something.

After a while, the two of them eventually got back to the entrance of the attraction.

Upon seeing the two of them walking out of the entrance, the guy manning the ticket booth smiled at them and asked, "Did the two of you get lost? If you just go straight ahead, you would be able to find the exit."

Paying him no heed, Rufus pulled Cassandra out of the haunted house right away.

Just moments later, someone else walked out at the entrance after Rufus and Cassandra went ahead and left. The man at the ticket booth looked at the man who just got out, scratching his head. 'What is going on right now? Why are the guests having trouble finding the exit?' he wondered, looking so confused.

Without stopping for even a second, Rufus brought his wife back to the hotel. But instead of going straight into their own room, he led her to Jarrod's to check if Jarrod was doing fine.

Upon making sure that Jarrod was in his room, Rufus secretly let out a sigh of relief.

Jarrod curiously asked, "What's the matter? Is everything okay?"

Having no clue whatsoever why Rufus was acting like that too, Cassandra just shook her head as a response.

Rufus then tried to expl

Rufus just couldn't say no to her.

Brushing the palm of his hand against her hair, he gave in and said, "All right, if that's what's gonna put your mind at ease. I'll go there with you."

Cassandra removed the quilt covering her body, and before her feet could even touch the floor, Rufus went ahead and put on her slippers for her. 'She is fond of walking around barefoot for some reason. It looks like it's one habit of hers that would be so hard to break, ' he thought to himself.

Moments later, the two of them got to Jarrod's room. And as Rufus had presumed, Jarrod still didn't open the door even though Cassandra had been ringing it for a while. And because it was already in the wee hours of the morning, the guests staying in the room next door were awakened by the noise.

"What the hell is going on outside? Don't they know it's very rude to disturb people while they're sleeping?" one of the guests grumbled, sounding quite agitated.

Cassandra felt so sorry for waking them up when she heard the complaint.

"Cassandra, what do you say we just come back and check up on him first thing in the morning?" Rufus suggested.

Cassandra still felt so nervous and was so hesitant to leave as she thought about the awful dream she had.

"But I want to see him right away. I don't think I can go to sleep until I'm completely sure that he's doing well," Cassandra protested, lowering her head as she tightly gripped her nightgown.

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