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   Chapter 594 Love To Eat (Part Two)

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However, Cassandra was having such a good time that he didn't want to disappoint her.

On their way, they walked into an area that had no street lights. Grabbing his arm tight, Cassandra asked, "Why does this place look like some abandoned part of the city? Why the lights are not repaired?"

A chilling fear crept on her, crawling from her feet to her head. 'This place feels so strange, ' she thought.

Her anxiety was soon noticed by Rufus. "Cassandra, are you scared?"

"What are you talking about? Scared?" Cassandra retorted. "I am always a bold, daring soul!"

"Look behind you!" Rufus suddenly said.

Cassandra instantly cried out and jumped into his arms.

Feeling her soft, tender touch, Rufus couldn't help thinking of something erotic.

For a few moments, Cassandra just clung to him, listening for signs of danger. When she didn't hear anything strange except for Rufus's giggling, she realized he was only teasing her.

Pushing him aside, Cassandra strode proudly away, the sound of her high-heels clacking with each step. "Rufus, you are such a skunk. I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

Suppressing the desire to laugh, Rufus chased after her. "Cassandra, I was only kidding. Don't be angry. I promise I won't tease you anymore. Alright?"

Cassandra still felt irritated. At this moment, a haunted house caught Rufus's attention. He saw many people entering the haunted house, indicating that this might be a popular place in this area.

"Cassandra, do you want to have a try?" Rufus pointed at the haunted house. For some strange reason, Rufus enjoyed seeing Cassandra freak out and jump to cling on him.

Slightly ahead, there was a sign post to confirm it was a ghost-house. "Childish game!" Cassandra scoffed, squinting at the sign.

Putting on a playful smile, Rufus probed her, "Are you scared of the ghosts?"


had made a wrong choice. Maybe he shouldn't have brought her in here.

Along with screaming, her habit of pinching him every time she felt scared also kicked in, without her knowledge.

He feared that by the time they got out, his arm would be full of bruises.

Rufus sighed in silence. 'In the end, I am the one suffering.'

He had no choice but to bear the consequences for his own choice.

As they approached the end of the route, Rufus suddenly had a hunch that someone was following them.

At first, he thought that it was one of the ghosts, but the sound of clacking didn't quite fit!

Instinctively he turned back to have a look, and what he saw made his face grim. Despite the dim light, he noticed someone holding a gun approaching them.

Looking at Cassandra, whose face was still pale from the experience with ghosts, his heart felt heavy.

'It seems they have found us. Jarrod is staying in the hotel. Is he in danger as well?

Hmm…He should be okay. If they had taken him away, they wouldn't be here looking for us.'

Quickly something clicked to his mind. Thank goodness, the ghost-house had a very complicated design to cater for space where the actors could hide. Maybe that could save him and Cassandra.

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