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   Chapter 593 Love To Eat (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6277

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When the two of them came out of the hotel, it was at dusk, in cool and comfortable weather.

Going about holding hands, they looked like any other couple on the street. On their way, they stopped by every store that the woman wanted to check out. When he noticed something that Cassandra was fond of, the man would give her a surprise by buying it without her knowing.

"Why do you buy so many things? I just found them interesting so I thought they'd be fun. I didn't mean to buy them all!"

Rufus playfully pinched her tender face and said, "Anyway we have bought them. You're not going to ask me to return them to the stores, are you?"

Putting on a serious look, Cassandra declared, "I forbid you from buying anything after this. If you break the rule, I won't talk to you anymore!"

Smiling, Rufus answered, "Okay! I promise you."

'Who says that all women love shopping?' Rufus wondered. 'It seems that doesn't apply to Cassandra at all.'

Actually, Cassandra was quite different from other ladies from wealthy families. While others might be searching for new fashion designs and luxuries, Cassandra was only interested in a few basic things.

She wasn't the type that would care much about the clothes she wore, the purses that she carried, or the perfume that she used. Exotic cuisines were the only thing for which she seemed to show an expensive taste.

Even that was something quite recent. It was only a few weeks back had Rufus realized that the little woman had a keen interest in sampling exotic cuisines. "Cassandra, I didn't know that you had a thing for delicacies."

Walking down the street holding hands, Rufus, in his other hand, was carrying some handcrafts he just bought for her.

Until darkness fell, they didn't bother about going to a decent restaurant, because along the way Cassandra kept trying a bite here and there from the str

girls surrounding couldn't help but feel jealous at Cassandra's luck.

'Isn't such an outstanding man every woman's dream?' the girls all thought, each wishing she could find such a gem. After returning the guitar to the singer, Rufus walked to Cassandra, his mouth slightly curving at the corners with a smile.

"How was that? Are you happy now?"

Blushing, Cassandra nodded and said, "Rufus, is there anything that you can't do?"

Down at heart, she was grateful and full of admiration at his power, skills, and graces. He was just the perfect man of her dreams.

The admiration shining in Cassandra's eyes delighted Rufus. "Perhaps," he answered jokingly. "I can't conceive a baby."

Cassandra burst out laughing; she forgot they were in public. She lifted her little fist and playfully poked him in the chest.

Unknown to them, while they enjoyed each other's company, someone was hiding in the crowd, secretly capturing every movement they made.

"Let's visit other places!" Cassandra suggested in excitement.

Of course Rufus wouldn't say no to her, so he nodded, "Okay!"

By now, it was getting dark. Initially, Rufus had planned to go to bed early, so that the next day, they could go to the airport early in the morning.

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