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   Chapter 592 I Will Accompany You (Part Two)

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Cassandra, short of breath from his kisses, pushed him slightly away. "After such a hectic day, dear, aren't you tired from experiencing what we have been through?" she asked with a genuine look in her eyes.

But Rufus didn't answer. Instead, he held her close again and went on kissing her, with much more passion than before.

While at it, he now spoke in a hoarse voice, which sounded especially pleasant in the faint light of the room, "After such an eventful day, I think the best thing that you and I can do to ourselves is snuggle in bed, hold each other tight, kiss our worries away and fill the night with sounds of lovemaking. What do you say?"

While his words lingered in the air, he threw her into the king-sized bed despite her resistance. Then he climbed in too and went on with his caressing, kissing, enjoying her moans and groans with every move.

Outside, the moonlight looked hazy, making the night even more peaceful and calm in contrast to the drama-filled day that had threatened to end their honeymoon with fire and smoke.

Cassandra had no idea how many rounds they did. Finally she was so tired and sleepy that she went out like a light.

When she woke up in the morning, she found herself alone in the bedroom, again.

Damn! She wondered how Rufus could act this way every time. She could not help but criticize him in her heart. After taking pleasure in their intimacy for a whole night, he always woke up refreshed and ran off to his business without the courtesy of waiting for her to wake up to check how she was doing.

With she battling these thoughts, a sweet fragrance of food crept in, gradually filling the room. In a hurry, she pulled the quilt aside, grasped and put on her pajamas, and shuffled to the door, barefoot.

As she expected, Rufus brought breakfast back to the suite.

"Go to the bathroom and freshen up fast, honey. You have to eat

t venture outside or appear in public. Before you leave Melbourne, you should try to minimize trouble by keeping a low profile as much as you can," Rufus answered.

Jarrod nodded, indicating that he understood what Rufus meant.

Then he turned around and left with the unfinished breakfast in his hands. Before opening the door, he turned around to ask with a smile on his face, "Do you think I really can leave Melbourne?"

Despite her confusion at the question, Cassandra nodded and answered, "Yes, of course you can!"

Jarrod left still with the smile on his face, without another word. However, Rufus suddenly had a not so good feeling.

They stayed inside the suite till late in the afternoon. When Cassandra could no longer bear the boredom, she asked if they could go out.

Seeing the expectation on her face, Rufus felt somewhat helpless. He stretched his hand to stroke her head softly. With a pampering smile, he asked, "Where would you like to go? I will accompany you."

Glad for his consent, Cassandra squinted in a smile. "Now that we're about to leave, how about walking around Melbourne for a bit?"

"Okay," Rufus said.

In disregard of his own advice to Jarrod, Rufus went out with Cassandra, if that was what Cassandra wanted.

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