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   Chapter 590 Our Relationship Should Be Over (Part Two)

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"Cassandra, do as I say. There is absolutely nothing that you can help with. My heart won't be at ease unless you stay here." Rufus looked at his wife with loving eyes.

Cassandra was rejected once again. She felt extremely annoyed at this. "Fine. I'll just be here waiting. Alone."

As soon as she said the last word, she turned around and walked to the bedroom in brisk steps. She didn't want to see Rufus's face in the meantime.

Rufus knew his wife was pissed off, but he just couldn't pursue her right now to explain. He had to brief Abbado, who had come to give him a helping hand. Besides, he knew his wife wouldn't be the least bit satisfied with his explanation.

Abbado had only said a few words ever since he entered the house, so few that he had become almost invisible to the couple while they were arguing.

It wasn't until Cassandra left for her bedroom that Abbado blurted out with a wide smile, "Oh my God, I just can't believe it. Rufus Luo, the most logical and coldest man I have ever known, could be so loving and tender towards a woman."

Helplessly, Rufus answered, "Well, Cassandra's upset. I feel upset too.

Abbado couldn't help but whistle in admiration. "I look up to such a woman who could disarm you like this," he joked.

Rufus preferred to change topics. So he took Abbado to another room.

"The place indicated by the GPS tracker is where we will be infiltrating this evening," Rufus explained while pointing at the red blinking dot on the map.

With a nod, Abbado replied, "I know the area well. This one's in the bag." With a smile on the corners of his mouth, he added, "I'm happy to be working with you once more."

Hearing that tugged at Rufus's heart strings, and so he wore a gentle smile and patted him on the shoulders and said, "Me too, bud."

Seeing how

He stood up and had one long last look at the sleeping Hertha. He even tucked her in so she wouldn't be cold. In a low voice and a smile on his face, he said, "Alright, let's move."

Frowning, Rufus replied, "If you love her, you're free to stay."

Upon hearing that, Jarrod shook his head and said, "Not everybody can be with the person he or she loves. Nothing good will come of us being together. It should end now."

Rufus nodded in respect to his decision. Then he gestured Abbado to move out.

None of them expected that one of the mercs would have noticed them. Mercenaries were a league above typical bodyguards.

Realizing that escape wasn't going to be easy, Rufus prepped himself for a tough fight.

However to his surprise, a strange old man approached and helped them. Glaring at the mercenary who found them out, the old man harshly ordered him not to reveal whatever he saw to Hertha.

When the old man walked the three of them out, Abbado asked him out of curiosity as to why he had helped them.

Staring at Jarrod with weary eyes, the old man simply said, "Better if he is out of Hertha's life for good, as soon as possible. Please never return. Otherwise, he will surely die."

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