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   Chapter 589 Our Relationship Should Be Over (Part One)

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"Cassandra," Jarrod said the name with such intensity that Cassandra winced. Her wrists were rubbing painfully with the rope that was used to tie her hands, and her mouth was covered with duct tape as well.

Hertha looked at one of the attendants. The man immediately moved and proceeded to remove the tape that covered Cassandra's sore mouth.

Cassandra came all this way to find Jarrod seemingly fine. Her heart finally fell back from her throat into its original place.

"Jarrod, are you okay?" Lines of worry etched on her face as she asked him. She had been kidnapped, but her first thought was to ask about his condition instead of her own.

With these thoughts occupying his mind, Jarrod felt warm sensations in his chest. Gently, he answered, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Cassandra felt relief wash over her after hearing his answer. Jarrod smiled and asked, "Where's Rufus?"

Jarrod's question reminded her of the fact that Rufus had refused to take her with him, which had sort of resulted in her kidnapping. She felt a bit upset at the thought.

"Who knows," Cassandra mumbled and shrugged.

Hertha observed that her two captives seemed to be quite close with each other, so she felt a sudden pang of jealousy. "You two are quite intimate, huh?" she commented.

Cassandra turned towards Hertha with her eyes wide open, for she was surprised to hear a hint of jealousy in Hertha's voice.

Even when she was taken against her will, Hertha didn't harm her. This was ultimately because Hertha didn't know why she took Cassandra here either.

However, now that she realized that Jarrod seemed to care about Cassandra more than he let on, a bold idea appeared in her mind.

After ordering her men to take Cassandra away, she looked at Jarrod for a longtime, contemplating if she should do it. She then decided to ask, "Do

hearing Cassandra's words.

If Jarrod and Hertha indeed loved each other and he rescued Jarrod, that would mean he was destroying a blossoming relationship.

With these thoughts in mind, he looked at Cassandra, silently asking for her opinion. It seemed that Cassandra could not make sense of the situation either. Seeing the worried expression on her face, Rufus's heart softened. He said, "Well I think, we should proceed in rescuing Jarrod as we originally planned. If he, himself wants to stay with Hertha, then we will pull back and let him be."

Cassandra nodded in agreement. She then asked something that had been bothering her, "How exactly are we going to take action?"

With a smile, Rufus reached out and stroked the back of Cassandra's head. "Let me worry about that. Abbado and I will surely get him back."

Realizing that he was going to leave her home alone again, Cassandra protested immediately, "While you were away this afternoon, I was taken away. I couldn't resist them at all. Aren't you worried about leaving me alone again?"

In fact, Rufus secretly had doubts about Cassandra's story. It all sounded like child's play.

He then gathered that Cassandra was lying in order to get in on the action.

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