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   Chapter 588 Send Me Your Master

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Watching Rufus walking toward those violent people, Jarrod clenched his fists instinctively, looking like he was deliberating on something. Then he stood up and said to Cassandra, "Cassandra, I know you and Rufus are very kind to me. But this is my business. I can't let you get into trouble."

Cassandra had already realized something was wrong. And now there were so many people coming for him. It scared her to death. There was no sense in Rufus spoiling for a fight against all of these people.

However, if Jarrod went back there by himself, it would be even worse. Even though Cassandra was so worried about Rufus, she still tried to put a smile on her face. "Don't worry Jarrod, Rufus will handle this for you," she reassured.

Hiding behind the shade of a tree, Casandra and Jarrod secretly kept an eye on what was happening outside Jarrod's house, without being noticed or seen.

As Rufus was heading toward the house, someone intercepted him midway. "Who are you and what brings you here? Are you here looking for Jarrod?"

Rufus glanced at the lady sitting in one of the cars and believed that she was the boss. He then turned to the man and retorted contemptuously, "You have no authority to interrogate me. Go, tell your boss or whoever sent you to come talk to me, in-person."

Pissed off by the response, the man clenched his fists, ready for a fight. Without a second thought, he charged at Rufus and threw a punch, intending to hit him in the face. But Rufus grabbed his fist and turned with lightning speed, twisting the man's arm so hard that a joint snapped.

When Rufus let go of him, the jackass slumped to the ground with a thud, like a heavy sack of potatoes. The lady who was still in the car couldn't believe how quickly Rufus had made mincemeat out of her man. She kept her eyes frozen on Rufus, lifting the corners of her mouth.

She then flung open the door and stepped out of the car.

The lady was a temptress dressed provocatively in a short purple, cut-cleavage dress, excessive make-up, and red high heels which highlighted her beautiful long legs.

Even though he had seen more than his fair share of beautiful women, Rufus was still impressed by the hot lady standing in front of him right now.

She walked straight to him and asked coldly, "Where is Jarrod?"

At which Rufus shot back with a sneer, "What do you want from him? And what's your relationship with him?"

Hearing what Rufus asked, the lady laughed as if she thought it was funny to ask that question. She responded, "Jarrod is mine. However, he seems to be a little bit naughty recently. He came here without my permission."

Although he didn't really understand what she was talking about, Rufus could guess that Jarrod must have been held under her control.

"Well, unfortunately…" Rufus smirked, "Jarrod can't be taken away right now."

The lady got so angry. From her expression, it looked like she wanted to kill him right away. "Are you trying to steal my man now?"

Staring her straight in the face, Rufus could tell the lady was quite bad-tempered. 'Humph! She must be planning to kill me right now.

But if she takes Jarrod away, she would abuse the man, who is already quite weak. In her hands, Jarrod could die anytime.'

Rufus wasn't a snoop who enjoyed poking his nose into other people's business. However, Cassandra and Jarro

bourne or not.

But luckily, after chatting up a few people, Rufus finally got leads, to an address right here in Melbourne.

To avoid revealing much about his past to Cassandra, Rufus didn't want to take her along. She didn't have to meet the man.

So he asked her to stay around and watch over the place for a few hours while he went on a short search that would help them with Jarrod's case.

Little did he know that someone would come for her, while he was away.

Elsewhere, Jarrod was sitting in the middle of a splendid dining room, while Hertha sat facing him.

"Jarrod, why did you keep avoiding me?" Hertha was a natural beauty, a queen among in her own right. Even at that moment, with that upset face, she looked still extraordinary.

"Hertha, you already ruined my father's life and my whole family. I am the only person left in my family. Why can't you just let me go?" Jarrod answered carelessly.

What Jarrod said moved her to tears. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know my father had done so many awful things to you and your family. But trust me please, I do love you, Jarrod."

Jarrod leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes, completely uninterested in the topic.

No matter what Hertha said, he didn't react at all.

They used to be a sweet couple before, but now Jarrod treated her as a stranger.

"Jarrod, are you in love with someone else?" Hertha asked abruptly. Jarrod, however, didn't respond to that either.

"I know it, you must have fallen in love with someone else. That's why you are so cruel to me now.

The woman who was with you today...I brought her here as well," Hertha declared.

As soon as she mentioned that, Jarrod's eyes popped, not in excitement, but in anger. "What did you say?"

A feeling of sorrow filled up Hertha's heart instantly. As she had expected, he would only respond to her when she mentioned about that woman!

"I said, I brought you the woman who was with you today. Do you want to meet her?" With a fixed, careful gaze, Hertha watched his reaction. Seeing the deep concern that quickly filled his eyes at the mention of that woman, Hertha's heart ached.

She pulled out her phone and spoke to someone. That very moment, Cassandra was ushered into the room.

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