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   Chapter 587 A Sunny Day (Part Two)

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Without giving him any response, Rufus simply kept staring warily at him.

The man appeared to be somewhat apprehensive, but his eyes were just brimming with genuine concern for him. He reassured him, "Please...don't be alarmed. Even though I may not look friendly, I'm...I'm not a bad guy. Please...believe me. I just...I really thought that you might be needing help..."

Regardless of the strange man's inarticulate manner of speaking, Rufus eased up and smiled at him upon hearing his explanation. He then replied, "Thank you for that. Your guess was indeed correct. I am in need of some help."

Seeing how Rufus was graciously willing to receive help from him, the man lightened up as well.

Then, he went ahead and mounted the tricycle, driving it quite skillfully as Rufus sat behind him. This time, Rufus was able to enjoy the cool breeze brushing against his skin.

It could be that the man was just worried that Rufus might accidentally stumble once more so that he didn't leave him even after they got to the market. When Rufus was finally done getting all of the necessary ingredients, the man even offered to ride him back to the cabin.

Considering the fact that he was having a hard time trying to drive the tricycle by himself, Rufus had no other choice but to indulge in the man's offer with pleasure.

Soon enough, the man safely brought Rufus back to the cabin in one piece. He immediately bid him farewell and was about to leave. However, Rufus abruptly stopped him.

Taking out a pen and a check with his signature on it from his pocket, he filled in the amount and handed it over to the man as a sign of thanking him.

But, without so much as taking a peek at the amount Rufus wrote on the check, the man refused to accept it. He declined it and told him, "I didn't help you out just to get paid."

Noticing that the man was so timid that he even became flushed red, Rufus saw him in a high regard. Despite being in a foreign land, he felt a strong sense of gratitude and contentment.

The man standing in front of him seemed so well-built that he would always look intimidating at first glance, but if one would take a closer look, he was in fact such a gentle person.

Resolutely waving his hand, the man still refused to take the check. Thinking of some other way to make it up to him, Rufus decided to invite him over for lunch. In any case, Jarrod was about to join them. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask another guest to join them.

But much to his surprise, the man still declined his request. It seemed that he just really wanted to be of help.

Since he failed to convince him to come in and have lunch together with them, when the black man was about to go his way, Rufus secretly slipped the check into his pocket.

"Rufus, co

prepared, he suddenly felt a bit down-hearted. "There are numerous establishments serving Chinese food here, but honestly speaking, none of the food they offer could ever compare to the dishes that you make."

After finding out that he enjoyed her cooking to such an extent, Cassandra told him, "If you really like my cooking that much, then feel free to drop by to have meals with us every day. But we won't be staying here for too long."

With a gentle smile on his face, Jarrod said, "Thank you. I really appreciate it."

"Rufus," Cassandra glanced at him as she called his name. "Let's have a toast."

Their all raised and clinked their bowls together. Feeling so exhilarated, Jarrod immediately became red-flushed and a little less pale.

In that moment, Rufus actually thought that Jarrod wasn't really as bad as he made him out to be at first.

But as they were leisurely chatting and enjoying the food with the wine, something they totally weren't expecting happened.

A handful of Porsches pulled up by the doorstep of Jarrod's house. Quite a number of brawny men stepped out of the vehicles and began to pound on the door. Getting no response, they broke into his house. After just a couple of seconds, the three of them were able to hear some loud cracking noise from where they were sitting.

Rufus noticed how Jarrod's face, which was so burning up just a while ago, now turned pale again in an instant, possibly even paler than it was before.

Cassandra got overwhelmed by what was happening close by, wondering who those men could be and what they could have wanted from Jarrod. Were they just a random group of burglars?

Jarrod intended to stand up, but Rufus stopped him, pressing onto his shoulders to keep him seated. "You and Cassandra just try to calm down and enjoy yourselves here. I'm going to check it out."

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