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   Chapter 586 A Sunny Day (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7492

Updated: 2019-09-18 00:02

Cassandra had completely forgotten why she came out to the garden in the first place. It wasn't until she had already been chatting with Jarrod for quite some time that it finally came to her mind.

At that time, it looked like Rufus was still waiting for her inside the house. With that sudden realization, she frantically brought all of the flowers she had just picked from the garden in her arms, intending to dart back into the house as fast as she could.

"Jarrod, what do you say to having lunch with us?" Cassandra invited, wearing an earnest smile on her face.

Her unexpected invitation caught Jarrod off-guard. "Aren't you worried in the slightest bit that you might catch my disease if it were contagious?"

Cassandra simply smiled at him in response, obviously not giving it much thought. "From the way I see it, you don't really look like someone who has an infectious disease at all," she replied.

Jarrod seemed to have lightened up with the way she reacted. He said, "Don't worry about it. I was just kidding. As you said, I'm not really suffering from some sort of infectious disease. If you really wouldn't mind, I would be happy to have lunch with the two of you. Thanks, I really appreciate it."

Upon saying their goodbyes and waving their hands at each other, both of them promptly went back to their respective houses.

Immediately after walking inside the house, Cassandra was welcomed by Rufus's woeful expression. Feeling so bad for forgetting about him, she wanted to explain herself, "Just a second ago..."

Rufus abruptly cut her off before she could say anything else. He chimed in and said, "I already know that you were talking with that so-called Jarrod. And he lives nearby."

Cassandra wasn't really expecting to hear that. "You saw? Did you come outside?" she curiously asked.

Walking over to her, Rufus suddenly placed a soft kiss on her lips. "Yeah, I saw how you two were so engrossed in your conversation that I didn't want to interrupt you or anything."

Cassandra lightly pushed him away and told him in a firm tone, rolling her eyes, "I asked him to come and join us for lunch. We should get everything ready straight away."

When he heard that, Rufus couldn't help getting his e


At this point, there was nothing much she could do about it except to wait for Rufus to return.

Given that it was his first time riding this unfamiliar kind of tricycle, a lot of different emotions were spiraling in Rufus's heart. But above all else, what worried him the most was how he was having a hard time trying to control the tricycle. The handlebar was much too unstable, as it kept on turning on both directions without warning, making him feel like it could turn over if he screwed up even a little.

When he was trying to pass by a somewhat steep incline, Rufus Luo, the CEO of a well-known company, who always appeared so elegant, sophisticated, and well-groomed, finally stumbled on the ground in such an awkward manner.

The instant he fell to the ground, instead of feeling distressed, Rufus was actually even relieved, thinking that, at the very least, Cassandra wasn't there to see him. After all, he really hated the thought of losing face in front of the woman he loved.

He got up right away and tried to straighten up his clothes. Now, his problem was how he was going to explain to Cassandra about the dirt that got onto his clothes when he got back.

And yet, another dilemma appeared. He was debating whether he should go on riding that tricycle, knowing full well that it could probably turn over again at any time.

"Sir, do you need any help?" from out of the blue, a man who happened to see him as he was passing by asked him out of concern.

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